Dec 17 2012
12:18 pm
By: michael kaplan  shortURL


I was wondering why the Fellini Kroger on Broadway didn't have those convenient little shopping carts that are so popular at the Bearden store. So I asked the manager. He said they had bought 160 of them, and they were all quickly stolen.

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Now that's Fellini.

Now that's Fellini.

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I believe...

Il Maestro would be amused.

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Hey, there are lots of pedestrians in the neighborhood surrounding the so-called "fellini Kroger." The locals use them to hoof home their own groceries, and to hoof their laundry to the laundromat, too.

And the Kroger on Clinton Highway will find a few of their buggies not-so-carefully hidden in our neighborhood's various trailer parks up and down that street, as well as outside the doors of the Clark Motel's rooms-by-the-week and strewn about the Clark's "RV Park" located in an overgrown field behind the motel.

(The RVs, you understand, are permanent housing fixtures there, lacking any pick-up trucks beneath or in front of them to actually haul them away.)

Perhaps the people who so often go unnoticed will be noticed if and when retailers come a-lookin' for their buggies?

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When a cart leaves a store, the store denies ownership responsibily. How can one steal something that has no owner?

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so, it must be cheaper for a

so, it must be cheaper for a store to have its carts stolen than be liable for damage caused by them in the parking lot.

i think ALDI requires a deposit on the cart when you take one. no deposit, no cart.

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Presumably, the carts had an owner while parked at the store, though? Hence the carts could be (and often are) "stolen?"

Related: Did you catch an article in the KNS last week about Powell High's head football coach having been suspended with pay while an investigation plays out? The picture that ran with the story showed the coach in Powell High's locker room, along with two Wal-mart carts and a Home Depot cart loaded with football equipment! I noticed it immediately, and so did a KNS poster, who commented on it! What's up with that???

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Little carts

I don't like the little carts. They don't hold enough beer.

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We're Proud of Our Oranges

At the prices my neighborhood Food City is charging for oranges, they can afford a bunch of little shopping carts.

We're Proud of Our Oranges

You have to see the embiggened version of the photo to really appreciate it but it says they have 6 oranges for $100.

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Hurried to pick up a few

Hurried to pick up a few items at Kroger's Sunday evening after ordering Chinese take out. Passed a young women pushing a shopping cart holding two unbagged containers of milk. Thought it was rather unusual, but didn't see any Kroger employees following her.

Same Kroger last night after the evening storm. Shopping carts all over the parking lot. Suggested to the first clerk that they might want to get them out of the drive lanes. They were still there when I left a short time later.

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Ah yes...

I miss the Fellini Kroger. We don't have anything nearly that weird here in Nashville. Of course, it might just be because Nashville is a little weird anyway.

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