Jan 14 2011
12:28 pm
By: redmondkr  shortURL

Eight year old Elizabeth Hughes sang The Star Spangled Banner at the Scope Arena in Norfolk, Virginia.

Listen to the crowd as her microphone fails.

She has been invited back to sing again when they get the mic repaired.

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NPR's All Things Considered

NPR's All Things Considered let her finish the end--with her high notes--on Thursday. (link...)

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What a treat! Thanks

What a treat!


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She's a trooper. Didn't miss

She's a trooper. Didn't miss a beat.

Hearing her sing that beautiful rendition reminds me that our National Anthem is too hard to sing. It has a vocal range of one and a half octaves. I vote for America the Beautiful.

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I was impressed too by the

I was impressed too by the announcer telling the crowd to rise and remove their hats before the singing of the anthem. So many never find an occasion to remove their redneck toupee.

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Did you know that's federal

Did you know that's federal law? Don't think there's a penalty for failure to comply.

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Compelling compliance could

Compelling compliance could be construed as a freedom of speech issue I suppose.

I know an awful lot of folks wear variations of the flag as clothing in violation of proper flag etiquette. It's looked upon by many as patriotism instead of ignorance.

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