Feb 20 2013
07:04 am

Tom Humphrey reports on the Senate judiciary committee debate of Beavers and Butt's federal gun law nullification bill SB250.

It sounds like adults trying to calmly explain to little children why they aren't allowed to play in traffic.

Noted judicial scholar and Noon Rotary Club member Beavers says that all the lawyers are wrong and that the Supreme Court is not the final arbiter of what is constitutional and what isn't. They have set themselves up as "dictators," she says.

June Griffin was there in support of Sen. Beavers (R-NRA) and her bill. Make of that what you will.

Seriously, this is how the GOP Supermajority intends to spend their time legislating? What's next, fluoridation? Oh, wait.

SEE ALSO: Beavers Disputes Couple of Centuries of Supreme Court Rulings

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Agree for most part

It seems like they don't know that they live in a country, and not an independent state. Maybe they should go back to school. They are spending a ridiculous amount of time on bills that are just plain stupid. Maybe a lot of that is to get attention to the stupid bills and get them away from how they're crippling us (sometimes literally) with bills like the workman's comp or the health compacts.
But on fluoridation - get it out of my water. The stuff they call fluoride is actually a waste product from the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum industries. I verified this by going to my municipal website and it says so right there in black and white. It is sodium fluoride, and is present in Prozac and rat poison. It disrupts the endocrine system(thyroid problems)causes brittle bones, cancers, and is especially hard on the kidneys. It is highly recommended that NO children under 6 yrs drink fluoride. The reason it is there, is that these industries found it highly lucrative to convince communities to pay to dump this into the water instead of destroying this neurotoxin. I've done a lot of research on this after I became hypothyroid (the symptoms are exactly the same)Lots of info at

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There was an interesting KNS

There was an interesting KNS letter to the editor yesterday.

The argument that I most frequently hear now is the need to own assault weapons “to be armed to control an oppressive government”
This is obviously a threat of an armed insurrection to a democratic government controlled by duly elected officials.

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The 2nd Amendment absolutists are essentially arguing that they need unlimited access to weapons in order to be sufficiently armed to commit treason.

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fergawdsake. It's hard to


It's hard to believe grownups are wasting their time on this crap.

Although I DO love Beavers' unilateral attempt to repeal Marbury v. Madison.

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