Oct 30 2012
09:30 am

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On our recent field trip, we visited the Franklin D. Roosevelt Little White House in Warm Springs Georgia. There's a great museum and you can tour the Little White House and grounds. It's near the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation.

The museum has some interesting artifacts and exhibits. Perhaps my favorite was the rural electrification exhibit. (FDR would probably not be happy with how TVA has turned out.) Also, for some reason I had never made the connection between the Roosevelt Dime and the March of Dimes. (There was also a traveling exhibit telling the horrifying story of Ravensbruck, the only major Nazi concentration camp for women with which I wasn't familiar.)

In the residence, there's a living room/study with a fireplace and bookshelves, along with a couch and a small wooden desk and chair. There's a photo of FDR sitting at the desk working on a major speech. It really struck me how one of the most powerful men on Earth was sitting at a simple wooden desk with a pen and paper plotting the fate of the world.

Contrast that to modern times, with jumbo jets, computers, and satellite communications that travel with the president 7/24. FDR's generation accomplished incredible things with little more than telephones and telegraphs, sometimes from modest, almost spartan remote outposts guarded only by a few Marine and Secret Service guard shacks.

FDR was sitting for a portrait in the study in 1945 when he was stricken by a cerebral hemorrhage. They took him to his bedroom where he died. The unfinished portrait is on display at the museum.

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Also, for some reason I had

Also, for some reason I had never made the connection between the Roosevelt Dime and the March of Dimes.

There was a reason the Reagan Legacy bastards targeted the dime for their campaign to have Reagan's face put on US currency.

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Also, for some reason I had never made the connection between the Roosevelt Dime and the March of Dimes.

From some literature I tucked away in the kids' coin collections:

Not long after Franklin Delano Roosevelt's death in April 1945, the U. S. Treasury Department received many requests that Roosevelt be honored on a coin. The coin most often recommended for his portrait was the dime because of Roosevelt's association with the March of Dimes.

The Mercury dime design, in production since 1916, was issued in 1945. The dime honoring the late president was first released on January 30, 1946, Roosevelt's birthday.

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I went there this past spring

I went there this past spring and thoroughly enjoyed it. It also reminded me of the life and the accomplishments of the 20th century's greatest President.

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HBO produced a good biopic,

HBO produced a good biopic, Warm Springs back in '05. It's available at Netflix and is well worth the time.

On With Roosevelt

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FDR coin Little White House

I have a coin with FDR on one side and Little White House on the other. Does anyone have information on this coin?

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