Dec 14 2017
01:45 pm

FCC votes to end Net Neutrality, abrogates authority over broadband providers.


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"The FCC’s action will

"The FCC’s action will “return the internet to a consumer-driven marketplace free of innovation-stifling regulations,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, said in remarks prepared before the agency’s vote."

The internet should be regulated like the utility it is, not a marketplace.

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I look forward to my water

I look forward to my water pressure dropping and only getting 337 volt service to my house. MARKETS!

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AT&T's CEO hosted a company-wide "town hall" webcast

featuring Steve Mnuchin and Paul Ryan.


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In which fake names and dead people made comments against

net neutrality we also learn that one of the vital Republican talking points - that net neutrality was an attempt by Obama to take over the internet, an idea floated by Pai more than once - was refuted by the FCC’s own IG but kept from the public before the vote.

Jason Koebler at Vice’s Motherboard has the FOIA-informed scoop

“On express orders from the previous White House, the FCC scrapped the tried-and-true, light touch regulation of the Internet and replaced it with heavy-handed micromanagement,” Pai said Thursday prior to voting to repeal the regulations.

But internal FCC documents obtained by Motherboard using a Freedom of Information Act request show that the independent, nonpartisan FCC Office of Inspector General—acting on orders from Congressional Republicans—investigated the claim that Obama interfered with the FCC’s net neutrality process and found it was nonsense. This Republican narrative of net neutrality as an Obama-led takeover of the internet, then, was wholly refuted by an independent investigation and its findings were not made public prior to Thursday’s vote.

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Am I wrong to think that now

Am I wrong to think that now that they did away with "Net Neutrality" and Republicans have control of the House, Senate and Oval Office, they will be able to control what political ads they want us to see? Appears to me that this is their whole unspecified reason in a nutshell, for repealing the law?

I can't understand why even their voting base would be in agreement with this.

Am I missing something?

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