Jan 27 2006
11:54 am

Great Blue Heron, watching the barges traverse the lock at Barkley Dam (Grand Rivers, KY).

(Photogeekery: Nikon D2X, AF-S Nikkor 200-400VR + 1.7 TC wide open, nik SHP/crop)

bizgrrl's picture

Way cool Heron.

Way cool Heron. Thanks.

Also, way cool to Ijams and their new art show endeavor, especially with the inclusion of the One Ton's annual show.

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 Hooray for FBB!Hope you


Hooray for FBB!

Hope you and othe BB artists will consider entering photos

into the Artfully Ijams: Spring 2006 Nature Art Show and Auction.

For more info., please go to:


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