Oct 19 2007
10:13 am

The Friday Bird Blog introduces the Galápagos Endemics series...

This 'chere is a Galápagos Penguin (Spheniscus mendiculus) on Bartolome Island. (I'd mistakenly had this labeled as a Magellanic when I uploaded it yesterday.)

(click for full res)

Taken on July 25 of this year as I toured Las Encantadas on summer vacation.

bizgrrl's picture

I love da penguins. Seeing

I love da penguins. Seeing them would make the trip worth it.

R. Neal's picture

Closest I've ever been to a

Closest I've ever been to a penguin was Sea World in Orlando. Not exactly Galapagos. Great photo, must have been an awesome trip. Looking forward to the series.

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