Mar 9 2006
08:54 pm
By: Andy Axel

I was following up on reading about the National Republican Senatorial Committee's strongarm fundraising tactics, and followed a link to (link...) -- and this is linked in the upper left hand corner:

(link...) if no Republican lawmaker would go clubbing, smoke expensive cigars, run up an expensive hotel tab, or dine at Jack Abramoff's restaurant. No, no, no. Republicans all smoke Luckies, eat at Hooters for something kinda upscale, stay at the Ramada, and go to Bible study 2 nights a week and services on Sunday.

No Republican would ever consider going on a chi-chi golf vacation in Scotland, all expenses paid by a lobbyist... certainly, no Republican certainly would ever endorse a high dollar cigar like Macanudo, Hoyo de Monterrey, or Fuente Opus... certainly no Republican has ever been caught doing anything inappropriate with women... or having an affair, for God's sakes... certainly you wouldn't find a Republican handing down terms for a divorce while his spouse was dying of cancer, or heaven forbid, abandon that woman and marry a staffer more than half his age... hey, Republicans aren't known for consorting with prostitutes (other than lobbyists) or running up lavish hotel expenditures or, hell, for that matter, being sponsored at swank Super Bowl parties with scantily-clad women dry-humping prominent GOP "hopefuls.".

(They would, however, be one degree of separation from gangland murder. These are just good fellas.)

UPDATE: Firedoglake and Steve Gillard have taken up this story.

R. Neal's picture

Yeah, I saw that somewhere

Yeah, I saw that somewhere today. "Fancy" is an interesting choice of adjectives, wouldn't you say?

Andy Axel's picture

Not to mince words, but...

Fancy. Yeah.

They're basically calling him "a queer."

I guess going after his skin color would be too obvious.


If we heard mortar shells, we'd cuss more in our songs and cut down on guitar solos

Andy Axel's picture

Well, then again...

I'm told that "Fancy Dan" is an old-timey nickname for a pimp.

So maybe they're sticking with the ol' tried-&-true racial stereotypes after all.


If we heard mortar shells, we'd cuss more in our songs and cut down on guitar solos

Bill Young's picture


On the whole,this Republican web site is much ado about nothing.However,when condensed in the media it sounds sensational.Futhermore,in a world of blogs,this kind of thing can take on a life of it's own.Thats the point.First,rough Jr. up in the media.Then,on the opposition blogs,distill it then distort it.What strikes me is that the Republicans must be worried about Jr. or they wouldn't be doing this.I'm voting for Jr. in the primary;I hope you will too.

Andy Axel's picture

What strikes me is that the

What strikes me is that the Republicans must be worried about Jr. or they wouldn't be doing this.

Actually, setting up a website and hosting it is pretty cheap. They're just driving traffic to it and getting out ahead of Ford, who isn't doing much to promote himself, or raise his profile, or even define himself apart from his family name locally. Sorry, but he's not.

And apparently, his campaign doesn't have a ready response, his web page still doesn't list any endorsements, and he doesn't even outline his positions.


That page has been "coming soon" for months now.

The GOP spent maybe a couple grand in web design and now host that site on servers that are paid for many times over.

What does the GOP get in return? Well, the national Republican campaign is apparently waiting for the local GOP faithful to pick out their pony -- but no matter who wins, they're going to have a white protestant male going up against Ford come November. So this bit of slime works to their advantage no matter who rings the cherries in the primary.

They're "worried" about Ford just about as much as they "worried" about Kerry taking Tennessee. They just didn't have to work very hard in 2004 because the Democrats all but said that they were conceding the state early, and you had Bredesen out in the press calling Kerry everything but a loser. Who needs Republicans when you've got Democrats mouthing all of your talking points?

However, they've kept a hold of that seat since Frist managed to run Jim Sasser out of office with typical Republican mud, and they've held GOP dominance in the TN-Sen since Al Gore took up as Clinton's running mate. They're not conceding a thing, and they're going negative way early. Did you see that among poll respondents in the last Rasmussen that 13% said they were voting against Ford simply because he's black??? That's a solid swing block right there. This race won't be decided by 13 points; if history holds, it'll be more like 7 or 8. All they need to do then is to convince 38% more to vote against him for other reasons.

If it's this ugly this early, it'll be positively putrid come election time.

Ford's gotta be pretty surprised, for that matter. He's been seen tousling the hair of the president and hugging the Senate majority leader, and now they're all but calling him an uppity n*****, cruising the world in a lifestyle which he isn't allowed into, pretending to be a rich white man, and going after white Playboy bunnies on the taxpayer's dime. Ford's gonna have to face facts -- this is personal with a lot of them. Not all Republicans are racist, but racists flock to the Republican party. And the NRSC knows that and they're appealing to those base motivations with trash like this. Thoughtful, politically active people should take it a lot more seriously.

I have deep abiding reservations about Ford, but on ideological grounds -- he's a Blue Dog GOP lite Democrat. At least Kurita isn't out on the stump calling Ford out as a darkie who doesn't know his place. Then again, she's not quite the ideological mold in which I'd like to see my candidate cast. I thought I was thoroughly disgusted until I saw the race card being thrown.


If we heard mortar shells, we'd cuss more in our songs and cut down on guitar solos

Bill Young's picture

Ford can win

I do not overlook the primary & I've made that point to Harold. Kurita is working hard.However,Ford can win the primary & the general.One may disagree but I think Ford pushed hard last year to lay the groundwork for the campaign. At U.T, Team Ford(campus volunteers) has been at it since last August (organizing tailgate parties @ games;Ford came to the one before Vandy).I know for sure Ford came to organizational meetings @ The Brewery & @ a Shoneys Oct.29 & 30 of last year.Plus, Ford was well received @ the Chili Supper;even got his picture in the paper with the host.Today,thru a mass e-mail,the Ford campaign is putting together the Knox County steering committee.To this one may say; so what? If it stops now you would be right...BUT..I think Ford's just gittin warmed up.

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