Mar 1 2012
12:41 pm

And Berke makes seven.

Following upon a decade of dismal and diminishing returns for Democratic office-holders in this state, a growing list of incumbent lawmakers are opting to call it quits rather to engage in future battles.

The roster of other'n's:

Rep. Joe Haynes (Goodlettsville)
Rep. Harry Tindell (Knoxville)
Rep. Janis Sontany (Nashville)
Rep. Bill Harmon (Dunlap)
Sen. Roy Herron (Dresden)
Sen. Eric Stewart (Belvidere)

It remains to be seen when the tide may turn, but it is exceedingly unfortunate that some of the veterans in the corps are opting out. Given the condition of the statewide party apparatus and the outlook for same, one can hardly blame them.

Does anyone have word on the bench players that have been / are being developed to succeed these folks...?

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Rep. Sontany was my

Rep. Sontany was my legislator, so I am bereft.

Too many of the wrong kind of people are running for office, which is why Tennessee is in the mess that it's in.

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Joe Haynes is a state senator, not a representative. I know this, because he is my state senator. So I am doubly bereft.

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What Bench?

I'm not sure that the state party HAS a bench. Until they repair the relationship with 93-94 counties, they won't have one, either.

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It's a long, long, long way

It's a long, long, long way out of the wilderness.

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