Hey - I've just learned that a volunteer youth softball coach for Cedar-Bluff-Farragut Optimist softball league was permanently banned from coaching or participating in anything sponsored by the league. It seems there is evidence that indicates the man - a longtime volunteer coach who has what appears from letters, calls, and emails to be the overwhelming support of parents and other coaches - might have been rail-roaded by a league Commissioner and a "Executive Committee" who met secretly to first "suspend" him for one game and then when he appealed the suspension . . . went along with the commissioner's decision to permanently ban him. But that's not the big deal. The big deal is that this commissioner and committee also permanently banned the man's wife and very young kids as well from participating for no reason other than the fact they are related to him. Anyway, the guy has hired a lawyer who has written a letter to the CBFO, Mayor's office, Parks & Recreation Dep't, & the 5th District County Commissioners asking for the man and his family to be reinstated and for an apology. I asked for and just received a copy of it.


I'm sure there's more to the story, but folks, even if all of what is alleged against this dad/coach is true (and I'm not only assured that it isn't and that he has hard evidence to rebut every allegation against him) would we punish the wife & kids of a convicted criminal, no matter how shocking or heinous his crime? This is really sad for this family, who by all accounts, love youth sports. Anyone know anthing about this?

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C'mon Metulj, you must not be a sports enthusiast

Gossip? Hard news? This is a progressive blog dealing with progressive issues. The situation I described has been confirmed by CBFO itself. This is not only a free speech issue, its a due process issue. Thousands of Knoxvillians are involved in youth sports. This is the first-ever lifetime ban of an entire family from a sports park. I guess you're not very interested in sports. 3 little kids get banned from ever playing sports or watching their friends play sports at their neighborhood sports park solely because their volunter coach-dad was suspended - that's pretty egregious. And . . . oh yeah, the only thing I read on here is "hard news" stories . . . . right.

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rebel.....perhaps you should

rebel.....perhaps you should have "snarked" the issue. I think that makes it qualify as actual hard hitting journalism.

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What was the alleged charge

What was the alleged charge for which this person was "railroaded?" No mention of that. Why?

I'm thinking it was pretty serious if a lifetime ban was recommended. And potentially embarrassing.

You saw the charges, you know the person involved - but neither of these things is spelled out and we're supposed to believe that CBFO is being irresponsible or worse. "Anyone know anything about this?" No. And there's little chance to look into it further, given the information here.

All we have here is innuendo against innuendo. That dog don't hunt.

Show your work, as they say in math class. If there's more information to be shared (and you appear to have it at the ready), perhaps it would appear to be more news and less gossip.


Dirty deeds done dirt cheap! Special holidays, Sundays and rates!

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