Aunt Bee is blasting Ward Cammack for his membership in Belle Meade Country Club and his refusal to pull out of the club, saying that the Democratic Party is no place for a man who belongs to an all-white country club:

Listen, if you want to join an all-white country club in the privacy of your own life, go right ahead. I will make fun of you, but I will respect your right to assemble with whom you like.

But if you want to run the whole State of Tennessee, you’ve got to leave this kind of foolishness behind.

It’s not right.

And it’s embarrassing to point that out to a DEMOCRAT.

But worse is this nonsense about how he will stay a member for the sake of the staff.

Don’t do regular folks the favor of putting off doing the right thing so that you can continue to let them have the privilege of serving you.

That attitude needs to be run out of the Democratic party on a rail right this second.


Listen folks, I lived in Nashville. Belle Meade Country Club is so bad that Bill Frist quit when he ran in '94. Plus, Judge Sotomayor quit her all-female club, due to Republican criticism. In contrast, Cammack vows not to quit because he believes African-Americans need jobs as waiters?

Meanwhile, Sean Braisted is insinuating that the same forces commenting on Cammack's imminent demise are the same ones who sought to bring down TNDP Chair Chip Forrester (and presumably TNDP Treasurer Bill Freeman). Not sure about that spin.

There's also been nothing reported - despite Cammack's vow to fight on, money or not - to change my impression that Cammack is done. Two confirmations - one from inside and one from outside, but close to the campaign verify that he's going to quit. With Jim Kyle out of the race and Herron sure to follow, that leaves Kim McMillan, and her July 15 disclsure will probably finish her off. It sure does sound as if the conservative wing of the DP and Bredesen are trying to clear the field for McWherter.

LeftWingCracker's picture

Well, if it's just McWherter, Herron and McMillan

Then I'm with McMillan. Mike is NOT Ned, nice guy though he may be.

No more of the good ole boy stuff, it's time to move the Party into the 21st Century.

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Yeah, Kim seems the logical

Yeah, Kim seems the logical choice to inherit some of Cammack's supporters. He made alot of effort to appeal to the left. McWherter ain't going there. If Kim can weather the financial disclosure storm coming on July 15, she does have a chance to improve her standing. If Cammack and Kyle are out, Kim will be getting alot of 2nd looks. And she's as smart and as qualified as anyone in the race, that's for sure. And has East Tennessee roots, to boot.

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Not sure where you are

Not sure where you are getting your information about Cammack (Pith in the Wind's unsourced blog rumors and speculation?), but yeah, it's not looking good. The campaign has been awfully quiet about Mark Brown's departure.

It's starting to look more and more like it will be Haslam's to lose. It will be an entertaining primary with Ramsey, though. And he might be batshit crazy enough to pull it off. In that case at least Dems might have a better chance in the general.

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On Ramsey, I talked to a guy

On Ramsey, I talked to a guy on the inside with Wamp and it comes down to which one, Wamp or Ramsey, get to close with Haslam. Wamp's concerned about Ramsey, not Haslam. Who can be the conservative candidate against Haslam in August? That's the deal. McWherter's having a fundraising blowout in Nashville, and it is expected to be a major hit, and will put him far ahead of everyone else in Democratic race. His dad's calling in 15-year old favors.

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Randy, I just talked to

Randy, I just talked to someone this morning about as close as you can get to the Cammack campaign, and he says, while Cammack has not "officially withdrawn," his withdrawal from the race is "imminent." The reason: after an initial flurry, the money has dried up. His Republican "friends," for the most part, decided to spend their dollars on the Republican candidates. He doesn't have a Democrat base. He kicked in about $25K early on to jump-start things, e.g., the web site, but Murphy-Putnam is expensive.

Incidentally, I'm hearing that Ramsey's financial report is going to be alot stronger than some folks thought, and that will be the biggest surprise of July 15.

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Did you just rewrite this

Did you just rewrite this whole post, headline and all?

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I was wondering the same

I was wondering the same thing. Shouldn't allow that.

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15-year-old favors? My

15-year-old favors?
My advice would be to check the expiration date.
Mike McWherter has the charisma of a fencepost and has been shopped for every vacancy since Ned retired. This one will work about as well as the others, although he could catch a "break" (if you want to call it that) and become a sacrificial lamb, I guess.
Dems need a candidate bad. But not another bad candidate.

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