Dec 9 2012
10:00 am

I noticed recently that photo-journalist and man about town Dan Andrews (@knoxcounty) had tens of thousands of twitter followers. I was a little jealous, and wondered what I was doing wrong.

Mr. Andrews has now revealed his secret with this interesting investigative report on fake twitter followers. He promises a follow up analysis of fake followers on local media accounts.

(For the record, KnoxViews has about 80% "real" followers, 16% "inactive" and only 4% fake.)

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Let me clarify...

Originally I was going to do that update. But I got a lot of feedback both inside and outside that it sounds too closely that media organizations buy followers. THAT IS NOT THE CASE! I would never want research to be misconstrued. So I will cut to the chase and give an exclusive...If you do the math the end result is their are approximately 17,000 unique twitter followers total following the all the local tv media combined. TO get to that number you drill down on real active followers. You then drill down and get to the core number of followers by finding twitter followers that follow more then one twitter account and count that only once. You then add up all the unique followers and the number is about 17,000 real actual followers :) So all the time money and energy spent on twitter is really for 17,000 people

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breaker 19

Twitter is the CB radio of the internet. I like it for breaking news because it shows up there before anywhere else if you follow the right twerpers. It also reveals how deeply ignorant some politicians and celebrities are in real time.

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That's very true. I

That's very true. I discovered this aspect of Twitter on the night of this year's presidential election. I was in NYC in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and my dinner meeting had cancelled on me due to problems with train service (they live in Woodstock) I found myself alone at one of my favorite restaurants, sitting at the bar flirting with the bartender (or, I prefer to think, she with me)...there was no TV, which was great...but I hauled out my iPhone at one point, checked twitter, and was suddenly sucked into the best election coverage ever...from every which angle...Chris Rock, John Stewart, NPR, CBS, Fox, New York Times, numerous pundits...I was getting the news before it was showing up on any network's homepage. It was fun. And the bartender started supplying shots for both of us (after the wine) as the news got better and better...and some of the tweets were priceless. It was a good night.

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