May 18 2012
04:04 pm
By: redmondkr  shortURL

Click for a bigger view

Just look at this beautiful face!

Yesterday, Susan Campbell with Southern States Rescued Rottweilers put this photo on the organization's Facebook page with a plea for help. This is Faith and she's a one year old Rottweiler whose family took her to the Clarksville, Tennessee animal shelter and just gave her away. Surrenders, as they are called, don't last long in shelters and this one in particular has a reputation for euthanizing Rotties simply because they are Rotties. This is the same shelter that my Lulu escaped.

Susan rescued her this morning and she will be staying here at the Gap with Lulu, Titus, and me until SSRR can find her a forever home. Who knows, that forever home may well be here.

Here's a bigger view.

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What a good man you are. Do

What a good man you are. Do you walk all three at the same time? How are they getting along with each other? Just a baby. So many don't realize the effort involved in having a pet.

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Oh, I consider myself the

Oh, I consider myself the lucky one in this move.

Right now I walk Lu and Titus together and it can be a chore. When Faith gets here I may get my friend Steve to walk with us.

It's a done deal, I meet Susan in Cookeville on the 26th for the transfer. Then I set up an appointment for a complete physical and pray they don't find anything devastatingly wrong with her. The way Susan talked I think I will only be a temporary foster dad since I haven't had any training. Faith will probably only stay here until an opening is available with one of their real fosters (or until I cave in and adopt her myself).

I got Titus in a sort of back door deal. Steve Moved into my spare room last summer when I was having some little medical problems - I was taking an occasional impromptu nap. He brought Titus with him and then adopted Rowdy last January. He moved back home in March. I had gotten my meds adjusted and was managing to stay vertical more reliably.

He took Titus and Rowdy with him. Lulu cried all night so I couldn't sleep and Steve's mother's pack of Shih Tsus picked on Titus so we decided to move him back here. He's an old man and only has about half his teeth. He needs his peace and quiet and he and Lulu are best of buds.

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I see no hope

But after seeing that picture I asked my wife, "So Honey, What do you think of Rottweilers?"

She had lots of thoughts so I'm going to try again tomorrow.

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That's a sweet face. I'm not

That's a sweet face. I'm not set up for a dog, but RufusK does love big dogs. I'll put her in my prayers.

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Positives & Negatives

A dog whose ancestors guarded the camps of the Roman Legions when they invaded Europe certainly requires a lot of structure and socialization and must never be around young children without adult supervision.

They are the ultimate Velcro dog. If you don't close the bathroom door, they will be in the shower with you.

A 130 pound Rottie still considers himself a lap dog. The first time my friend Val ever visited, Gino leaped onto the sofa, parked himself upside down with his head in her lap, and smiled.

Salesmen are not so anxious to open the storm door and waltz right in when they see a big ole Rottie sitting beside you and they make a great redneck anti-theft device. So what if you left the key in the ignition.

They have a terrible penchant for dying of cancer between their eighth and ninth year and they often suffer from hip dysplasia. You're most fortunate if you get to keep one ten years. High dollar dogs are just as susceptible to cancer as the rescues too. Websites showing off champion bloodlines and selling $4000 puppies usually have memorial pages dedicated to favorites they've lost at relatively young ages.

One of SSRR's foster moms recently lost four rescues to cancer within an eighteen month period and, even though the agency paid the bills for chemo-therapy and such, the emotional toll was devastating. Still, most owners agree that the love of Rottweilers is worth crying your eyes out over them every few years.

Consider too that those good hands people will cancel your homeowners policy the instant they discover you have one, much less two, of these dreadful beasts in residence. My homeowners carrier placed a document in my policy stating that any claim involving my Rottweiler will be promptly ignored. I guess it's okay if Titus gums somebody since he's a Boxer.

I've discovered too that EMTs are also somewhat hesitant to come in to give aid and comfort when your Rottie thinks he is defending you from strangers who are up to no good.

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Steve and I drove to Lebanon

A Diamond in the Rough

Steve and I drove to Lebanon today to pick up Faith. She's tiny by Rottweiler standards at only 60 pounds, a Pocket Rottie. She badly needs training to become a proper young lady but she is well worth the effort. Besides being a beauty, she is incredibly affectionate.

She's wet in the photo because the first thing she did when she hit the back yard was jump into my nasty lily pond and then wallow in grass clippings to dry off. She's pictured here waiting to get back into the house after I rinsed her with the garden hose.

I just hope Lulu, Titus, and I survive her adolescence.

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Good luck to the 4 of you.

Good luck to the 4 of you. You're a good man.

My sister used to have Rottweilers and they were both big babies. One of them would do his best to climb onto my lap every time I sat down. I admit that their size made me nervous but they were really sweet dogs.

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This one's gonna be a chore.

This one's gonna be a chore. Yesterday in the truck, I rode in the back seat with her while Steve drove and I had given her a milk bone from a plastic bag. After the treat, she grabbed the bag too and, when I took it away from her, she growled and tried to bite. I discovered that she knows the meaning of a harsh 'no' with a jerk on her leash.

Susan says she was surrendered by a soldier at Ft. Campbell. SSRR doesn't place Rotties with soldiers because many seem to want them for the wrong reasons. I have a feeling Faith didn't sufficiently perform the proper Rottweiler function of enhancing the owner's image during walks in the park because she is such a little girl and is so docile (most of the time).

And, surely to God, a soldier didn't name that girl Faith either. That sounds like an animal shelter name to me, name her Faith as you schedule her for the big sleep. If I keep her (and that is a big if), her name will be Frieda.

She's very protective of anything she gets into her mouth and that's almost everything. You've heard the stories of people coming home to find dog trashed the house? Well, this girl hunts for stuff to destroy while I'm sitting in the room with her.

On top of that, she's just coming in season, most likely for the first time and Titus is having fits even though those thoughts were supposedly removed years ago. She's really giving the old man a run for his money. She goes to the vet after the holiday to get a physical and surgery. She has dew claws to be removed too and she has a cough that I don't like. We keep the tail, of course, although she looks funny with the rest of the pack.

Thank God for good neighbors. I'm taking Tamara and her gang to Scotties for breakfast in exchange for keeping the little hellion in her kennel while we eat. I'm going today to get a crate to replace the one I donated to the Humane Society of East Tennessee a few years back.

Good Lord, she just came in and she been in that nasty lily pond again.

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I'm close to Victor Ashe park

I'm close to Victor Ashe park and available most morning for a little exercise. Let me know if you're in need of an assistant walker.

redmondkr's picture

Oh, I do thank you!

Oh, I do thank you! That would be much appreciated. There won't be much walking though, mostly just standing in the creek.

Pam Strickland's picture

She sounds like a wonderful

She sounds like a wonderful treat! Might want to put a fence around the lily pond. ;-)

redmondkr's picture

Naw, I'll just bite the

Naw, I'll just bite the bullet and clean it out. That's been on my to do list for a few years anyway. We put it in so Gino would have a place to cool off and I started taking him to the creek at Victor Ashe Park so the pond fell into ruin.

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Just got a call from Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital. Faith was spayed this morning and her surgery went very well. Her physical shows she's in excellent health. Dr. Bledsoe says she appears to have had puppies between six and eight weeks ago.

She also recommended a couple who say they will come into my home and turn my Miss Dolittle into a proper young lady in only two full days, an amazing - and probably expensive - feat.

SSRR is picking up the tab for medical and training needs so I'm to get an estimate.

bizgrrl's picture

Wonderful! a proper young


a proper young lady in only two full days

I'd like to hear how they go about doing that feat. Not just for Faith, but for any dog.

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A Faith Update:

Beautiful Document Shredder

I paid bills this morning and Faith helped by shredding the crap that is stuffed inside the envelopes and scattering it all over the office.

I didn't call the miracle couple about training. Instead I opted for a two week course at Diane's Canine School of Charm. It's only about four miles away and I'll be in the class with her. The $85 fee fits SSRR's tight budget a bit better and every dollar is needed. The earliest class I could get into is scheduled to begin July 10. That's a long time.

Fortunately, things are improving here at Casa Lulu. Yesterday we passed a milestone in that there were no accidents all the livelong day (doo dah). She had been practicing the art of staying outside in the back yard most of the day saving up and then pooping in the hallway when she came in. I discovered too that she will not sleep in the house. She howls all night long unless she is on a rug under my upturned fishing boat on the patio. Go figure. I got rid of my Dogloos years ago when Gino and Heidi became house dogs.

Another Milestone (I keep wanting to say millstone): She sat on command for this photo. But not for very long!

Pam Strickland's picture

Love that face--and the

Love that face--and the sitting!

redmondkr's picture

Miss Faith got her lily pond

Faith Helps with the Lily Pond

Miss Faith got her lily pond cleaned out today and she helped. Well kinda sorta.

It's been a long time since my last mud wrestling but it was a good way to spend a hot afternoon.

A short video here.

Lulu decided it was best to watch from under the lace leaf maple.

Miss Lulu

bizgrrl's picture

Cute video. I'm guessing

Cute video. I'm guessing there will be no fish in that lily pond. It will be a source of amusement all summer. Such happy pups.

redmondkr's picture

There have been no fish in it

There have been no fish in it for some time. Either the hawks that nest yearly on Beaver Ridge behind the house or the resident raccoons emptied it years ago. It was full of frogs and still has a few. I think that's what attracted Faith to it the first day she was here.

After it was refilled, and I looked like the mudman of Borneo, I sat on that rock in the photo and tried to get Lulu to join us in the fun. Although she loves the creek at Ashe Park, she would have none of this hole in her back yard. For the most part she considers rolling in the muck with this rowdy little girl beneath her dignity.

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Update on Faith-Based Training

Faith Will Pose For Hours

We are in the fourth week of Faith's metamorphosis. She's hardly a butterfly as yet, but she's better than she was. Our instructor Diane even brags about her occasionally. Yesterday, about an hour before time to go to her class, she hit the lily pond and then immediately dried off by rolling in my patch of mint. I took a little girl reeking of peppermint to class.

We have run into what is hopefully only a small setback. Last week I found a lesion on her breast. It appeared almost overnight leading us to think it may be an insect or spider bite. Doctor Bledsoe is treating her with an antibiotic ointment and capsules and it is somewhat smaller now. We have another week of treatment before she elects to remove it surgically and then we wait hoping we won't hear that word that every Rottie owner dreads.

Hint to Fischbobber:
She's going to make somebody a wonderful dog. What a companion for your son. She spent several hours playing with my friend Val's ten year old grandson last week and the two of them hit it off beautifully.

fischbobber's picture


My wife has read this post. She is vacillating between outlining her terms for divorce from me and her terms of dog/child support for you. I'd bring her by Thursday night but she claims her mom won't let her hang around with democrats.

P.S. I'm actually warming up to the idea.

bizgrrl's picture

Such a pretty girl. I'm

Such a pretty girl. I'm hopeful all will be well. I thought you were keeping her.

redmondkr's picture

I started to say adopting a

I started to say adopting a Rottie is something you would never regret, but that would be a lie misstatement. I will say this, the great days vastly outnumber the bad ones.

Looking forward to seeing you Thursday. We're gonna pitch a Wang Dang Doodle.

redmondkr's picture

I would keep her in a

I would keep her in a heartbeat but maintenance on two Rotties is a bit too expensive on my meager pension and I'm too lazy to get a real job.

Their daily exercise is pretty strenuous too

Pam Strickland's picture

She's beautiful, and she

She's beautiful, and she truly needs a boy. And every boy needs a dog. IMHO.

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Another Update

I have just sent an email to Susan at Southern States Rescued Rottweilers telling her that I think Faith is at last ready to be put up for adoption. I've put it off for a week now but it had to be done. The longer she stays the harder it will be to part with her.

She is by no means a proper young lady as yet but she does have a diploma from Diane's Canine School of Charm in her portmanteau and she has become a bit more civilized. She only rarely poops on the rug and she eats fewer socks now too.

Every time I look at her I think of what might have been her fate. As it is some family will be getting a treasure when this little girl invades their lives.

Up Goose Creek's picture


Here's an example of an adoption ad:

SINGLE BLACK FEMALE seeks male companionship, ethnicity unimportant. I’m a very good girl who LOVES to play. I love long walks in the woods, riding in your pickup truck, hunting, camping and fishing trips, cozy winter nights lying by the fire. Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand. I’ll be at the front door when you get home from work, wearing only what nature gave me…. Call (404) 875-6420 and ask for Jennie, I’ll be waiting…..

Over 150 men found themselves talking to the Atlanta Humane Society.


redmondkr's picture

I love it

I love it.

I don't know what happened last night but I got a late email that said YIPPIE, we're so glad you decided to adopt her and we just need to fill out the paperwork.

How they came to that conclusion from my letter, I can't imagine. Tonight I have to try harder to explain that, no, I can't keep her.

redmondkr's picture

It's Done


Faith is now officially available for adoption at the Southern States Rescued Rottweilers' website.

My little live wire will soon be lighting up somebody else's life.

redmondkr's picture

Faith Update

Faith & Me

We've had one serious inquiry and an adoption application is being processed. That doesn't necessarily mean she will be adopted, but that paperwork must be completed and approved before a stranger is allowed to visit with her.

redmondkr's picture

Another Faith Update

Get Yer Own

It's difficult to believe that this is the little hellion I took in last May. She has at last become a proper young lady - almost.

Although her bio has been posted on the SSRR website for a couple of months and I have had many inquiries about her, she is still here with Lulu, Titus, and me.

We are nearing the point where I become a 'failed foster', that is I decide to keep her myself. She has everything we look for in a Rottie. She has almost perfect markings and her coat is soft and shiny. She sticks to me like Velcro, she is fearless, and she purrs when she's happy. She has learned to use the recently re-installed dog door so she rarely poops in the hall now (knock on wood). And she checks the house and back yard a couple of times every night then comes back to bed just as my Gino did.

I'll give it another month before I submit the paperwork.

bizgrrl's picture

That is the sweetest picture.

That is the sweetest picture. I can't believe someone hasn't snagged her. You are so good to take care of her. "Failed foster"? I think not. Maybe you are giving out an accidental vibe indicating you don't really want to give her up?

redmondkr's picture

When and if somebody adopts

When and if somebody adopts her it's gonna hurt like hell.

Then I get another one. Losing them is a part of having them in our lives anyway since they rarely live more than about ten years.

In 1904 there was only one surviving female in the village of Rottweil but by the 1990s they had become the second most popular breed in America. Puppy mills were churning them out in record numbers and so many people bought them for all the wrong reasons. The breed suffered the consequences.

They are nowhere near as popular now but, as with practically everything else, the southern states are behind the times. Generally owners here don't bother to spay or neuter either. They frequently get a big male Rottie because he is a 'man's dog' and a male doesn't develop the beautiful characteristic large head if he is neutered before about three years of age.

And, of course folks here have dreams of getting rich selling puppies. When we took the young Gino to Doc Butler's we were often approached in the waiting room by people asking if he was available for stud.

But Gino was my last Rottie from a breeder. I regularly get on my soapbox now about rescues.

Pam Strickland's picture

Congratulations. She is

Congratulations. She is beautiful.

Tamara Shepherd's picture


Some of us had your number all along.


redmondkr's picture

Thanks a lot, you guys.

Thanks a lot, you guys.

redmondkr's picture

Faith in Oil (Kinda)


Kathi Ganong with Southern States Rescued Rottweilers created this portrait of Faith from my photo on her bio page.

bizgrrl's picture

How beautiful!

How beautiful!

Pam Strickland's picture

Beautiful girl.

Beautiful girl.

Midori Barstow's picture

Lovely, lovely

Lovely, lovely portrait...Faith's steady gaze
grabs my heart.

redmondkr's picture

Yes, it's as though she were

Yes, it's as though she were looking at somebody holding a drumstick.

Here is the original photo.


Kathi sent me a link to her website this morning:

redmondkr's picture

Faith Update

Miss Faith is moving out shortly. She's headed for her forever home in Jacksonville, Florida (two miles from the beach and she loves the water) to a family with an eleven year old girl, a seven year old boy, and a seven year old boxer.

She got her microchip today with copies of all her medical records and her transportation request is almost completed. We just need to round up the volunteers to run the stages. It appears I will be headed to Chattanooga with her within the next few days.

I'm gonna miss my little girl but that's part of rescuing.

bizgrrl's picture

Congratulations to Faith. I

Congratulations to Faith. I hope the children are nice to her and enjoy her company.

Bbeanster's picture

Good on ya, Kenny. Another

Good on ya, Kenny. Another star in your crown.

redmondkr's picture

There was a retired widow in

There was a retired widow in LaFollette who wanted Faith so badly and I was thrilled because I could visit with her when I was in town for my work with the children's center, but she didn't get her application completed in time. The family in Jacksonville seem to be thrilled to get her.

I'm up to my backside in paperwork for this transfer and, since I'm a newby at this foster business, I just know I'm going to screw something up. SSRR has to round up volunteers for the trek so it will probably be Saturday (Mar 2). Steve and I will be taking her to some rendezvous just south of Chattanooga (then spending a little time at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum).

There is a letter to law enforcement with instructions should the driver of the transfer vehicle be incapacitated in an accident - who to call and the fact that SSRR will pay for any necessary vet bills.

Her medical records and behavior evaluation checksheet plus her 'personal belongings' such as that poor miserable stuffed chicken that has seen so many better days.

Then there is the seven page adoption contract (in triplicate), and her diploma from Diane's Canine School of Charm.

I guess I'll take her for her first ever grooming session just before she leaves so she'll arrive smelling like a dryer sheet the way Lulu did when she arrived. I don't believe in bathing Rottweilers except after skunk de peu encounters, but we want her to be presentable for her new family.

R. Neal's picture

A guy we listened to on the

A guy we listened to on the radio in Florida used to say that anyone who stops for a turtle crossing the road and gets out to carry it across to the other side is guaranteed a place in heaven.

I think the same rule applies for people who foster dogs and find them forever homes.

redmondkr's picture

Thanks Randy, She was a trial

Thanks Randy,

She was a trial at first and many times I cursed the day I volunteered to take her. Right now my whole house looks like the inside of a trash can. I hate to give her up and I have signed up for another one.

Rotties don't live very long and I have even thought that, after the dreaded day when I lose my Lulu, I may not keep one of my own but just do only fostering. That way I would keep one or two of these wonderful beasts for half a year or so and then get a new one or two. And SSRR pays all the vet bills - all I would have to do is feed them and love them.

But then there is the possibility of experiencing what one of our foster moms did when I got Lulu. She had four of her fosters die of cancer within an eighteen month period. One of them was Mystery, the little girl I was scheduled to adopt.

And there is this other reason to foster a rescue:

I Love Dogs

bizgrrl's picture



Pam Strickland's picture

Two little people to run with

Two little people to run with Faith. What fun they will have. I think you deserve some stars in your crown, Kenny. And I do hope that chicken makes it with her. ;-)

redmondkr's picture

When it rains, it pours. Now

Faith and Me

When it rains, it pours. Now that Faith, seen here at the beginning of yesterday's afternoon nap, has been adopted with transport pending this Saturday, I'm getting requests out the wazoo for more information on her.

Hey, come one, come all! SSRR has plenty of available Rotties to make your day.

redmondkr's picture

Faith has had her bath; I'm

Faith has had her bath; I'm told that scent is similar to that of a French brothel. I have no way of knowing if that's true. The stuffed chicken has been destroyed along with a teddy bear I bought this afternoon. She snagged it out of her 'luggage', a Kohl's shipping box.

Lanny, Brazil, and I leave with her early in the morning heading for a ten o'clock rendezvous in Dalton, Georgia. If you are incredibly bored tomorrow, you can follow us on Twitter (@redmondkr).

Pam Strickland's picture

Traveling mercies.

Traveling mercies.

redmondkr's picture

Just got home and read a

Just got home and read a Faith Update. They are just entering Savannah where her new dad Chris will pick her up. She has played all the way and enjoyed the ride. She has never met a stranger. She should be at her new beach house by 7:30 this evening.

redmondkr's picture

A Little Girl's Best Friend

is her Rottweiler.

Poor Faith had to sleep in the kennel outside last night but Chris tells me she will share the bed with his eleven year old daughter as soon as he is sure she's not too rowdy for her. Here she is in Dalton with Val's grandson waiting for the first transfer. He entertained her all the way to the meeting place. Thanks Brazil.

Dalton Twitter Photo (edited)

redmondkr's picture

She's Baaaaaaaack!

Or, at least, on her way. I got a Facebook message from Chris this morning, first to offer condolences for the passing of old Sol, then to ask if I had another foster taking his place, and next to ask if I could be persuaded to take Fai Fai back.

It seems she has become so protective of her new family that his kids are afraid to have friends over and she knocked over an elderly relative at a get together last weekend.

I emailed SSRR. As soon as he submits a surrender form, transport plans will begin to bring my rowdy little girl back home from Jacksonville.

Pam Strickland's picture

Oh, my goodness! the question

Oh, my goodness! the question is, will she stay?

redmondkr's picture

I was so torn when she was

I was so torn when she was here before. The decision to adopt her out instead of keeping her myself was a very difficult one. She was a royal pain in the butt, she destroyed shoes, books, furniture, but she was incredibly loveable.

If I adopt her myself, I won't be able to foster anymore. SSRR occasionally takes in Rotties that can't be placed. Solomon was too old and my friend Susan has her Mac.

Mac was deemed too aggressive to be made available for adoption but he is devoted to Susan so she adopted him herself. He takes all her new fosters under his paw; he 'fostered' my Lulu for six months before I adopted her.

My decision hinges on how well she interacts with Lulu. They were reasonably friendly before but, now that Faith is an adult, that may not be the case. Either way, she will be well cared for. Southern States will see to that.

Factchecker's picture

If I adopt her myself, I

If I adopt her myself, I won't be able to foster anymore.

Is that a rule or just that you'll have your hands full?

redmondkr's picture

Had a long Facebook chat with

Had a long Facebook chat with Chris today. He has done some serious soul searching and finally decided that, if I get Fai Fai back, he is willing to let her go. He submitted the surrender form yesterday and I have asked SSRR to let me foster her.

And now we have a wee complication. Meet Tonto:

When my friend Allie moved into a non-pet friendly apartment last year, she gave Tonto to her ex father-in-law. Now that she too lives here in the doghouse, we have him with us. Poor little guy has congestive heart failure but we'll make him comfortable and love him as long as we can.

Old gentle Lulu has accepted him well so now we have a 5 pound Chihuahua and a 127 pound Rottweiler in residence. I hope Faith will fit in too.

amybroyles's picture


You have such a large and loving heart! Thanks for all you do for these special animals, especially the older ones. You really make the most of their last days, and I appreciate it as much as they do. I'm so glad there are folks like you in the world!!

redmondkr's picture

If you met my Lulu you would

If you met my Lulu you would know why I do this. Susan tells me she is glad I didn't see her the day she was rescued. She was terrified and emaciated from being abandoned by her family and digging in trash bins for food. She was scheduled to be euthanized the next day.

She was my third Rottweiler and my first rescue. She never lets me out of her sight. Hers is the first face people see as they enter the house because we come in through the basement. She will not go down steps so she greets people nose to nose at the top of them. As Tamara will attest, when I have a client here to work on a website, she places herself between my guest and me just to gently ensure that I am protected.

She's big and soft and just incredibly loveable.

redmondkr's picture

My pensions, consulting work,

My pensions, consulting work, and little extras I get from the band and writing the occasional website tend to make my dog fostering program self-limiting. Even though SSRR pays for the vet bills of their fostered dogs, there is still the added expense of food, flea & tick meds, and heartworm preventive and those are pretty dear for large breed dogs.

I'm sure Southern States takes training and experience into consideration when determining the number of dogs per foster. I know they are reluctant to place an adult male into an adoptive home unless the applicant has had prior experience with males. When I got Faith, I wasn't even an official foster; they were desperate for a "temporary safe harbor" until a proper foster could be found - a couple of weeks at the most. I volunteered and it sort of blossomed from there.

My contact Susan is constantly teased about having a menagerie but she has help from her husband and they have a much larger fenced-in property than mine. She has been active in this for a number of years too. This month marks my second anniversary as a foster.

When she rescued my Lulu she had two foster Rotties (plus her too-aggressive-to-adopt-out Mac), two Dachshunds, two cats, and a parrot.

The other day, when Allie and I had to transport an incapacitated old Solomon and I took an impromptu nap, it made me wonder if I should quit fostering all together but Rotties are very special to me. Lulu and Faith both came from the same shelter that doesn't even try to place Rotties, they just kill them.

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