"There are several advantages to this approach. First, under current regulation, enforcement of the Board of Health curfew is an issue of criminal law. The proposed ordinances would rely on civil -- rather than criminal -- penalties. Second, the proposed ordinance would more appropriately match the potential enforcement action ---revocation of a beer permit- against the beer permit holder, rather than citations against individuals," she said.

Failure to follow closure could cost Knoxville businesses their beer permit under proposed ordinances

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The article states that the ordinances need to pass two readings to take effect. Normally, that's true, but these are presented as emergency ordinances, which means they can take effect after one vote. Emergency ordinances need a two-thirds majority to pass.

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Wide open.

This town was wide open on Friday night after eleven. There may have been bars that shut down at eleven, but I didn't see one. I saw thirty or forty that were open though. I see bad things coming from Thanksgiving.

Not to change the subject, but does anyone know what morgue capacity is in Knoxville? All google is giving me is mortuary ads. We're going to hit some numbers around Christmas.

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I don't even remember the quote,

But I may be able to find the clip.

This is my life. Every day these are the guys in the situation I most identify with.


I wish I was better at statistics and knew exactly what these recent jumps were going to translate to, but I know they aren't good.

I'm worried about the twinkie.

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Five deaths a day for a period of four days? a week? a month?

Something along those lines will happen.

The thing is, the way this thing is being accelerated makes it hard to predict. It was always going to be bad when it cycled through here. We've made it worse.

And what if we end up at ten a day? God forbid we be higher than that.

The sad part is, we could have it under control in about three to four weeks with 98% mask compliance.

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