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Cool. I see that nine of the

Cool. I see that nine of the top ten are in the South (if you count Texas as an honorary Southern state.)

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how much of that would you

how much of that would you say has to do with lack of union representation and lower wages in the South? (seriously, i'm not being snide)

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I'd say wages/unions no

I'd say wages/unions no doubt are a factor - part of the overall lower "cost of doing business" that includes everything from taxes to real estate costs (which are themselves reflected in wages...)

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"Right to work" (anti-union)

"Right to work" (anti-union) states are definitely an attraction. The article also mentions incentives and willingness of local governments to work with companies to help with relocation. Incentives are made possible by shifting taxpayer money from things like education and health care to corporate incentives.

I think the underlying reason for all of this is that the South is playing "catch up" in transitioning from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy, which has already passed us by, and on to an "information and service" economy, whatever that is. I guess that means we'll all be doing each other's laundry and e-mailing someone overseas when we need a patch downloaded to our washing machine. Or something.

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Being a right-to-work state

Being a right-to-work state has been Tennessee's big selling point from way back, and was particularly successful during the Alexander administration when they used our union-unfriendly policies to woo the Saturn plant to Springfield.

They generally brag on our "work ethic" which generally means we're willing to do more work for less money. They don't, of course, talk much about our crappy schools.

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"America's Hottest

"America's Hottest Cities"?

More proof of just how much Paris Hilton has infiltrated our culture.

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