That is pretty bad ...

"Because this was going to be about climate change ... they simply don't want to allow those words to be said, and they don't want people from their agency to be caught saying them," he said. "It's just been a constant effort at trying to silence conversation about climate change."

Thomas Borden, program director of the estuary program, said Wayne Munns, director of EPA's Atlantic Ecology Division, called him Friday afternoon to say two staffers who work out of its research lab in the town of Narragansett had been advised that they could not attend. Munns did not give him an explanation, but Borden said he understood that the decision came from EPA headquarters in Washington.

EPA Keeps Scientists From Speaking About Report on Climate

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The people running Trump's EPA used to work against it

The Environmental Protection Agency is being run, at the highest level, by people the agency used to protect the environment from.

The people running Trump's EPA used to work against it

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Something not adding up

Pretty bizarre, because the EPA scientists still attended the conference. One does not need a dais to discuss a topic with a large number of people. If the rogue appointees leading EPA are openly trying to suppress information, it would seem that people would want to learn more about what is being suppressed.

This does not seem conducive to getting the public on board to change the direction of scientific investigation and environmental policy in general.

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Maybe so, but

I don't think they care about getting the public on board. They just want to shut that whole environmental protection thing down, and if they can add insult to injury, it's a bonus pissing off their scientist enemies.

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