May 30 2012
06:02 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Krystal burger restaurant closes on The Strip

Lots of (fuzzy) memories of late night/early morning visits in various states of consciousness. Remember when a Krystal was ten cents? And you could get a sack full for a dollar?

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This is happening here in Memphis, too.

About a year ago, they closed the Krystal on Getwell Road across from the U of M's South Campus. I think when the other fast-food joints started keeping the drive-thrus open 24/7, that really hurt Krystal.

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Omg, not really? My first two

Omg, not really?

My first two years at UT, I lived in Dunford. Every night about 10 somebody would make a Krystal run or a deli run (depending on how flush we were feeling). I wouldn't attempt to estimate how many "gutbombs" I ate during that time period.

After I moved off campus, I ate many a Krystal late at night - or early in the morning - after a party.

Wonder what will take its place?

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My first two years at UT, I

My first two years at UT, I lived in Dunford. Every night about 10 somebody would make a Krystal run or a deli run (depending on how flush we were feeling).

Flush. Pretty appropriate for post-Kristal activity.

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Yes, I agree...


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What!!! So many good times

What!!! So many good times very late at night.
This almost is in line with how I felt when Sam/Andy's/Roman Room closed. Also, Olie's Trolly. I really hated that one. Great burgers and fries.

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In other restaurant closings

In other restaurant closings (maybe), I noticed the brand new RT concept Marlin and Ray's on Lovell Rd is apparently closed already. At least the parking lot was completely empty. Or has it not even opened yet? Anybody know the scoop there?

I had my college times at the campus Greasetal too, but I don't miss it at all. I say let it go. (Not that I'd miss M & R's either, since I never went to it nor planned to go.)

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I tried Marlin and Ray's

I tried Marlin and Ray's once. A better name for it would've been House of Tilapia. The Ruby-Tuesday's-owned BBQ joint that briefly occupied that spot was actually decent, and didn't feel or taste like the traditional Ruby Tuesday's freezer-to-microwave-to-table fare. This new place, on the other hand, seemed to fit right in with their traditional business model.

When I was there, I seriously had to search the menu to find items that were not tilapia*. I suppose I should feel some sympathy for RT's struggle, because the lady at the next table sent back three different entrees because they were "too spicy," or more accurately, because they "still had a little flavor."

*From the NY Times:
"Known in the food business as 'aquatic chicken' because it breeds easily and tastes bland, tilapia is the perfect factory fish; it happily eats pellets made largely of corn and soy and gains weight rapidly, easily converting a diet that resembles cheap chicken feed into low-cost seafood.

“'Ten years ago no one had heard of it; now everyone wants it because it doesn’t have a fishy taste, especially hospitals and schools,' said Orlando Delgado, general manager of Aquafinca."

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When we lived in Florida and

When we lived in Florida and fished on the St. Johns river, Tilapia was considered an invasive trash fish and not much better than carp for culinary purposes.

Anyway, Marlin and Ray's isn't awful, if you pick carefully and stay away from fried except for the crab cakes which are OK. You won't get fresh anything, but some of it is passable. Their service is pretty bad, though. RT has a lot of the same stuff on their menu, which they keep "reinventing" every couple of months.

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Before they were an item

P.S. A friend saw Bob Dylan in that Krystal "early one morning" (as the song goes) in the late '70s. Mr. Z had played a concert here that previous evening and my friend got his autograph on a Krystal napkin.

Pat Summit was not seen.

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Yes, end of an era. Of

Yes, end of an era. Of course, then, Cumberland is so different now anyway. At one point there used to be cute little shops, not just restaurants and bars.

Oh, and I thought I remembered something not so good recently about this Krystal.

This Krystal received a Grade 60 from the Health Department just two weeks ago.

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The narrow bar Krystal that

The narrow bar Krystal that was downtown, as discussed in several old threads, is the one I have fond memories for.

Maybe they'll build an Applebee's at the campus location! (/maximum snark)

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I love Krystal burgers

But the recipe has changed and something is not right with them. They just don't taste as good as they once did and there's some kind of aftertaste that turns me off. Corporate cost cutting is the surest form of sabotage.

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I agree, they did something

I agree, they did something within the past several years. I think they have been going on nostalgia for a while.

A few years ago they opened a location in Pikeville, KY. It did not last two years before closing. I tried a few times, but they just couldn't get the steamy bun/onion/meat fusion thing going.

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The one on Alcoa Highway

The one on Alcoa Highway turned into one of the nastiest places I have ever been.

The last time I was there there were only two people working and they were out in the parking lot smoking. (Something, not sure what.)

The Krystals were inedible. I took one bite and almost got sick and threw them out. I can't believe the place is still open. There's never anybody there.

I like the steamy bun/onion/meat fusion too every now and then but it appears it will become a historical artifact.

Has anyone tried the frozen White Castles? I'm afraid to look on the box to see what they have in them.

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Damn college kids eating so

Damn college kids eating so healthy these days. Probably has something to do with this whole "eating organic" "eating local"...heh heh.

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The thing missing here is the

The thing missing here is the fact that there's no confirmation from the owners that the Cumberland Avenue location is closed for good. I have seen Krystal close, demolish, and re-build on the same spot before. The McDonald's next door just renovated, and Cumberland Avenue is up for various improvements. UT is in its summer lull. This would certainly be the prime time for that Krystal to do a re-build, if that's what they wanted to do.

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If I am not mistaken, this

If I am not mistaken, this one had a brand new rebuild not too many years ago. I believe they tore the old one down and a new one was built in a couple of weeks or so. So I would be suprised if they did it again.

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Good news for M & R fans!

Went by M & R's tonight and the parking lot was full! Seemed to be doing quite the dinner traffic. Can't figure why the parking lot was deserted yesterday around 1. It's Lovell Road, after all. There's still a lot of money to be made in generica "concept" dining. Too bad it's mostly a horrible way to eat. Given that, I feel fortunate to find that kind of thing a bad dining experience too.

Modern eating has become too much a quest for loading up huge portions with huge amounts of at least two out of the three main pleasure ingredients: salt, grease, and sugar. Spices and flavorings are then used just to differentiate one's food from all the rest. That ain't right.

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I work out Lovell road way

I work out Lovell road way and I never see this place busy at lunch. I thought it was only open in the evening. The old BBQ place, I thought, was very good.

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