Jul 16 2006
11:40 am

The following is an email I received from the Broyles campaign.  I think you need to know.


Dear friends -
The campaign continues to roll, and I want to thank each of you for your support during this very exciting, but taxing, time!
The good news: Today the Knoxville-News Sentinel gave me a great endorsement!
There is an option to vote and leave a comment. Please take the time to vote, and to leave a positive comment about my campaign. Elaine Davis and Tom Salter were also endorsed, but several other good people (Mark Harmon, Colvin Idol, Joan Wagner, Leon Daugherty) were not. Feel free to comment on those instead, especially if they are in your district!
The not so good news: We are getting a lot of resistence at Knoxville Center Mall. We knew that the Tindell campaign would try to keep us out of that area, so we did our research before early voting started. As many of you know, there can be no campaign activity within 100 feet of the entrance to a polling place, except if the 100 foot line extends over private property. If that is the case, campaign activity cannot be restricted in that area, but you must have the permission of the property owner. If the property owner will not grant permission, the Election Commission must move the polling place. It is the Election Commission's responsibility to inform the property owner about this ahead of time, and to move the polling place, if necessary. This was not done by the Election Commission.
Knoxville Center Mall is private property. The polling place is located in the back of the County Clerk's office, which is in the corner of the mall next to JCPenney. So the 100 foot line extends only to the edge of the clerk's office, and we should be able to campaign in that little corner of the mall, with the management's permission. They are concerned, and rightly so, about having a host of candidates and campaign workers milling around and disrupting mall traffic and other businesses, but have no objection to one or two people quietly handing out "generic" literature to voters. So the mall management will not let us push a particular candidate, but they have allowed us to pass out lists of candidates who support term limits vs. those who do not, as general "voter education."
This has gone very well, except - people from Billy's campaign are regularly coming by to harrass us, and are calling mall management and complaining. After two days of recieving complaints, mall management has decided that we can no longer be there. This is critical for my campaign. 3,665 of my target voters vote early, and Knoxville Center Mall is the closest early voting site for my district. I have to be able to reach those voters as they arrive at the polling place, and Billy knows it.   
WHAT I NEED YOU TO DO: Please call mall management and tell them (politely, please, and in your own words!) that you support our First Amendment rights to free political speech. That you do not find what we are doing disruptive, but helpful. You might suggest - in polite terms - that you will think twice about spending your money in Simon Malls if they do not allow us to continue with our voter education. Please remember this is not only my campaign we are working on, but everyone's who supports term limits, so please do not single out a particular campaign when you call. You can refer to the voter education team, or the voter workers in orange shirts, if you want. 
It is true that this site has been used for a few years as an early voting site, but there has never been much problem with candidates wanting to campaign there. As I stated earlier, most of the traffic there is District 2 voters, and Billy has run unopposed since 1990, so there hasn't been any need for anyone to be there! Indya Kincannon worked the mall when she was running for School Board in our district (in fact, that is where I first met her, when I went to vote for her in the Primary), but I don't think she had any difficulty as she was not running against a Tindell!
We have an attorney conatacting the mall's attorney, and we will push the Election Commission to move this early voting site for future elections, but not much can be done to have an impact on this election, except YOUR CALLS!
The number of the mall manager (his name is Dell Ware) is: 544-1500. You can avoid the lengthy menu by pressing 6, then 4, to be connected to his office.
Amy Broyles

bill young's picture

voting poll

where would the new early voting polling place be?

Anonymous's picture

Yes call. and tell them that

Yes call and tell them that this is really the Amy Broyles campaign pretending to be a voter information campaign. Better yet email this link to Dale Ware.

Amy Broyles's picture

It is a voter education

It is a voter education campaign. Several of the candidates running against the term-limited incumbents are coordinating our campaigns, and offering voter information guides about challengers vs. incumbents at ALL of the early voting sites. Instead of pushing one individual candidate, we are offering a slate of candidates who are supporting term limits. We have also worked together to create commercials being heard on local radio stations and to coordinate our volunteers. Perhaps you saw the news coverage of it last night?

As far as your inference that we are running some type of secret campaign, we have been very open with Del about what we are doing, and he has been very receptive.

Thanks for your interest in my campaign!

SteveMule's picture

Brian's folly


Is this what you meant when you wrote "I saw the Voter Information booth being operated by the local Democrat Dean Dongs (Howard Dean wing of the Democrat party). I will post about this sham of a voter information booth later. I have been in contact with all the media about it." on your blog Saturday???  OMG!!  ROFL!!  You are such a putz!  The only reason you don't like this is because your dumb ass didn't think of it first.  This in addition to your failure to mount a successful write-in effort for the Republican write-in candidates.  I feel and laugh at your pain.

Take Care, Be Good and don't play in the street!


bill young's picture


I know that many folks that post on this site don't like me much & don't agree with me at all & believe i'm a toilet bowl love child or a f##cking idiot..& thats fine but please don't clog up this thread with that kind of talk concerning this issue of early voting @ Knoxville Center.I have a few ?'s.How long has the Mall been a early vote site? How many voted @ the Mall site in the '04 Nov general election? Do all the candidates on your ticket(the orange ballot that y'all are handing out)support closing the Knoxville Center location? What do the voters think about closing the Knoxville Center location?..Being on Commission is often about choices (I do support the Democratic nominees & voted for the nominees in the county general election...but please don't clog up this thread with talk of the charter & Haslem Democrats).Amy has made the choice to advocate closing the Knoxville Center location for early voting because of her free speech concerns...& that choice means that 1,000's of voters will no longer be able to vote at the Knoxville Center.That choice means Amy must have a new location in mind for early voting for the November election...where would the new early voting location be?

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Idiocy of minor details


The new voter location can be anywhere.  They get changed all the time for any number of reasons.  The voter location at Love's Kitchen was recently changed and the sky didn't fall, Jesus didn't split the Eastern sky and step out on the clouds of Glory ... The only thing clogged is your brain.

It's even possible that this issue can be resolved without moving the voter location.  Really, just a grip and don't get wrapped around the axle of life over stupid, inconsequential details.

Take Care, Be Good and don't play in the street!


bill young's picture

location,location,location is not a minor detail

Location,location,location is important for early voting sites...the Love Kitchen site was moved to 5-Points Village because there is more foot traffic...Knoxville Center has foot traffic....Amy advocates moving "this early-voting site for future elections"..therefore,I believe,it's fair to ask...where would the new location be...& does the new location have the foot traffic that Knoxville Center has? traffic is not the same as foot traffic...foot traffic are those that are in the Mall,shopping,or walking ect.The truth is Knox County voters like to vote early,in fact,60% voted early last Nov.The consequences of closing the Knoxville Center location must be considered...because I know of no other location that offers the voters the convenience of voting @ Knoxville Center.

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Hi Bill!I don't advocate

Hi Bill!

I don't advocate closing the Early Voting site at Knoxville Center Mall for this election. It would cause too much confusion and inconvenience for too many voters, in an election that is already too confusing and inconvenient!

For the time being, I would like to work out a compromise that satisfies everyone concerned, and then look at possible new sites for early voting AFTER this election.

See you soon, I hope!

Amy Broyles

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