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I was recently interviewed by

I was recently interviewed by Al Jazeera on the 4 year anniversary of the TVA ash disaster. The reporter was an ex NBC guy and the cameraman was first rate. Of all the interviews I have been involved in this was the most accurately reported. They drilled right to the core of the situation and got a good piece put together in spite of being limited to the sound bites of TV reporting. For some time I have been going to the Guardian, UK and Al Jazeera English for an outsider perspective on USA news stories. It's amazing what our domestic news providers leave out.

Having said that, I have been really liking the progress Current TV has made. It's where I get my Bill Press fix after Sirius shortened his air time and replaced him with an asshat in the morning.

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Best quote:

"Time-Warner cable shows abject political and journalistic cowardice by dropping Current because of Al Jazeera deal..."

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Crusading environmental

Crusading environmental activist enriched by network funded by arab oil interests. Oh the irony. Well at least the network will probably
go all anti-fracking all the time, just like Matt Damon's latest execrable film (also bankrolled by petrodollars).

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Whose crusade?

What are the answers, Knoxoasis?

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