Aug 2 2018
07:44 am
By: R. Neal

Find your polling place...

A couple of changes:

927 Oglewood Avenue Knoxville, TN 37917

1415 Elm Street Knoxville, TN 37921

bizgrrl's picture

Will the rain deter people

Will the rain deter people from voting?

At least it doesn't appear to be raining in Middle or West TN.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Yep, rain always hurts. With

Yep, rain always hurts. With 4 1/2 hours left before polls close, a partial prediction of the winners.


Nov. 6 General

Bredesen defeats Blackburn

Lee defeats Dean (Hope I am wrong)

Burchett over Hoyos (would love an upset)

Tamara Shepherd's picture


You think TN Dems will elect Bredesen in the primary? When he booted 170000 off Tenncare in 2004 and called Medicaid expansion under the ACA "the mother of all unfunded mandates" in 2009? Maybe so, but if Dems elect him today, TN Dems are truly lost.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Yes, I certainly disagree

Yes, I certainly disagree with Bredesen on many things he did as governor. But his Republican stance on some issues is the reason I think he will be elected. My in-laws vote straight Republican. They have for the past 41 years that I have known them. They will be voting for Bredesen in November along with many Republicans and Independents.He will be a heck of a lot better than Blackburn.He is the only Democrat that can win statewide. I would love to have a true liberal/progressive to represent Tennessee. That is not going to happen in our life time.We live in a state where the majority of voters support a baffoon for President. The ignorant and racist Tennessee electorate is going to continue to vote against their own interests and support their "conservative" champions for many years to come. I hope you and many others will continue to take a stand against leaders that represent all that is wrong in our country. I just disagree on this. Hopefully things will change in our country after the Nov elections. I want a Senate that rejects SCOTUS nominees that would destroy the rights of our citizens and continue to give power to the elite at the expense of all the rest of us. I want a Senate that will convict an evil President after his impeachment. Marsha Blackburn in the Senate would be a disaster for Tennessee and every decent American.

Treehouse's picture

Well put

Bredesen all the way.

Andy Axel's picture


That Gary Davis juggernaut will be nearly impossi... oh, no, wait. In this plane of existence, Bredesen had token opposition and won by 86 points over his nearest competitor. (And on the GOP side, even with token opposition, Marsha Blackburn only managed to distance her opponent by 69 points. I think that I read somewhere that Pettigrew's last financials showed him raising like $225.)

Maybe you were thinking of the Dean/Fitzhugh race. Which, well, wasn't even close either.

R. Neal's picture

Here is Marsha's opponent,

Here is Marsha's opponent, who apparently did most of his campaigning on reddit:

Most of my current events news comes from concervative talk radio, some from Fox news as well. Being a driver, radio is my best news source and I have sirius/xm. Through most of the day, I listen to s/xm patriot 125 which have hosts, Breitbart, David Webb, Andrew Wilkow, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and back around to another Breitbart. On the weekends, less shows and some repeats. I also listen to channels, POTUS, Progress and Urban View on occasion. When those shows get repetitive I switch to Fox News which is just the TV channel on Radio. News breaks on those radio shows are done by news. Now, if I am in eerror because of those sources, I am willing to learn the facts but that is what I have because of my profession. I often look further into the stories those hosts use when I feel I am not getting everything I can get. Now, when I ask rhetorical questions, such as the ones commented on, often the questionitsekf is my point. While using the excuse that "it is complicated" explains many concerns about someone like me running fir office, the only reason it is so complicated is because people have made it that way for a long time. Sometimes that is out of necessity, most often, it isn't. More often than not, it is made so complicated, just for the sake of keeping it and making it complicated. Most oeople in the political sphere proffit off of keeping it that way. Politically, yes I am not the ysual type but I am here. I am offering principles rooted in liberty and the structure of republicanism (Not the party but the structure of government that we are supposed to have.) over Nationalism. Is that enough to solve everything? No. It will however make it easier for us to solve it as citizens. The other thing I am offering is the willingness to do it and to seek out help from the sectors I am working with rather than using unelected bureacracies to make my decisions. Too often the elected official goes to the unelected bureacrat to get their information and make decisions that affect millions of people with neither having any expertise in the industry they are tearing up. I am offering a different approach because that system has been failing us. Until the primary is decided, I can't add much more than that because I am still working for a living. If you want to try my approach, great, if not, well we will have more business as usual in DC. Thank you all for your time and participation. If I do get elected, I will take your concerns with me.

And because we're in Tennessee (and he is not Marsha) he managed to get more than 111,000 votes.

Mike Daugherty's picture

In Tennessee and in Knox

In Tennessee and in Knox County it does not matter to most voters what qualifications you have. What matters is you are not one of those bleeding heart Democrats that would like to use our tax money for healthcare to save a dying child or adult. Many of the ignorant voters do not care if the Republican candidate is qualified for the job. That is irrelevant to them. They want a candidate that at least says they are anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-immigrant and that loves Jesus, no matter that their actions contradict any religion based on love and kindness. A good example of Knox County mindless voting was voting for totally incompetent candidates who don't have a clue to replace outstanding judges such as Daryl Fansler. It did not matter how qualified the candidates were - the only thing that mattered was that they voted against a Democrat who probably supports giving away hard earned tax dollars to starving kids. What a terrible person to actually do what Jesus would do. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope though, Diane Black did lose.

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So there's that

Also Stacey Campfield AND Tim Hutchison lost.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Thank goodness!

Thank goodness!

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Follow the results at

Follow the results at WBIR...


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Let's see if I can find some

Let's see if I can find some happy nuggets from yesterday. No more Tim Hutchison. No more Stacey Campfield. No more Diane Black.

This is Tennessee. For a primary day, I'll take it.

Andy Axel's picture

No more Beth Harwell either.

No more Beth Harwell either.

Mike Daugherty's picture

No more of those characters,

No more of those characters, but lots more Trumpish ads between now and Nov. 6 with the message of build the wall, no sanctuary cities, God and guns. What in the world would Jesus do? He sure would not vote Republican. The Republican platform contradicts everything he taught!

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No more Jimmy Matlock.

No more Jimmy Matlock.

fischbobber's picture

No more Jimmy Matlock.

There is a God.

Mike Daugherty's picture

A great deal more of Tim

We are going to see a great deal more of Tim Burchett. One of the first to support Trump. He will be no better than Matlock with his solid support for a mentally ill President. Just another gutless Republican that is smart enough to know how unqualified and immoral his President is but does not have the character to say it. Burchett is wrong on almost all the issues. He stresses that he wants a capitalist healthcare system. What he is really saying is that a person's wealth should buy their health and if you do not have the money to buy your health then it is just fine to let you suffer the pain and consequences and die. Of course,if he wins he will just be replacing another Trump supporter. With a Burchett win in November the 2nd district would continue to be represented by someone that does not take a stand for the interests of almost all Americans.

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We have a choice

for the first time in a very long string of elections when The Duncans really did not face much resistance.

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Vote for Rene Hoyos!

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At least Burchett supports a "safety center" for the mentally ill. Maybe Trump can be the first client.

He stresses that he wants a capitalist healthcare system.

Did Burchett mention any specifics?

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At least Burchett supports a

At least Burchett supports a "safety center" for the mentally ill. Maybe Trump can be the first client.

Okay, THAT'S funny.

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Central location for all Knox county Dem candidates

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You know......

With a little luck and the right campaign, I think Renee Hoyos has a real chance of winning. Burchette bet that the fifty percent of his normally faithful voters that were sane would stick with him regardless of whether he hooked up to the batshit crazy Trump train or not. It didn't work for Boyd or Black and I'm not sure it will work for him.

If Hoyos holds him accountable for his rhetoric, and the moderate base of Tim's support is forced to look at the direction he's chosen to take, I don't think many will be able, in good conscience, to vote for him.

He should have listened to his daughter and been the man his constituents believe him to be instead of hooking up with the batshit crazy right and trying to reinvent himself. All he's done so far is convince people he's a bigger (fill in your own term here) than Jimmy Matlock. Regardless of the term you filled in, it's not a pretty picture.

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Like so many other

Like so many other Republicans, any integrity he had has been lost by his outspoken support of a lying, immoral, and incompetent President. Whether you agree with him on any issues or not, he no longer deserves respect.

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