Oct 31 2012
09:27 am

Susan Eisenhower, that is.

"As a result of this campaign I am more confused than ever about what Mitt Romney stands for. I know little of his core beliefs, if he even has any. No one seems to agree on what they are, and that’s why I do not want to take a chance on finding out."

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Is the spelling supposed to

Is the spelling supposed to be a pun?

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This was totally off topic,

This was totally off topic, but this reminded me of seeing David Eisenhower at the National Book Festival on C-SPAN a few weeks ago.

I forget what the question was, but Eisenhower was addressing why the South switched from Democratic to Republican in the '50s-'80s.

According to him, it was because of the GOP's "economic policies." He didn't say a word about desegregation, the Civil Rights movement, or Nixon's Southern Strategy.

It was a real facepalm.

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It's ironic that the South

It's ironic that the South supports Romney so vigorously. He advocates less government but the South is more dependent upon government programs than any other region.

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