Jul 11 2006
05:32 pm

Michael Silence has proclaimed East Tennessee the Blogging Capital of Tennessee. Judging from the breakdown of the Rocky Top Brigade, it appears he is correct by a wide margin:

Total Members: 229
East TN Brigade: 107
Middle TN Brigade: 37
West TN Brigade: 11
TN Expat Brigade: 9
TN at-large Brigade: 48

Which raises the question: if a Tennessee blog is not in the Rockey Top Brigade, can it really be considered a proper blog?

Regardless, if you operate a Tennessee blog you really ought to go enlist (assuming you swear to uphold the Constitution). If you think you may be lacking credentials, you can take SayUncle's eligibility test to see if you qualify.

Of course, Brittney at Nashville is Talking takes exception to Michael's proclamation.

And Joe Powell discusses why Tennessee is fertile ground for bloggers.

Les Jones's picture

No contest

Give it up, Middle Tennessee. In East Tennessee we get up an hour earlier just so we can start kicking your butt that much sooner.

Hey, Les, why don't we just call each other assholes and get it over with. - Somebody on the old Southknoxbubba.net (if that was you, claim your quote and win net.fame!)

R. Neal's picture

Heh. Good one.

Heh. Good one.

Andy Axel's picture

In East Tennessee we get up

In East Tennessee we get up an hour earlier just so we can start kicking your butt that much sooner.

Once again, the rooster takes credit for the sunrise... er, time zone.


"The iPod was not developed by Baptists in Waco." -- G.K.

LeftWingCracker's picture

Every time...

I get ready to sign up, the Tiger BLUE in me freezes at that official religion; it's like an SCV member being asked to swear allegiance to William T. Sherman.

 I may bite the bullet any way, as I agree with everything else in the Constitution.

 And yes, we STILL remember 21-17 in 1996; I was there, and it's my greatest live sports moment!.

cafkia's picture


I got about 630 points on SU's elgibility quiz.  I may just exercise my scholarship to Michigan so I'll be closer to the border with Sanity should there come an even better time to run than now.



It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.
  - William G. McAdoo

bob stepno's picture

Rocky Top on the Red Line (Harvard Square station)

Just a coincidence that East Tennessee blogs, RTB, KnoxViews and KnoxNews were the topics of discussion at Harvard's blog group meeting last week. :-)



Anonymous's picture

Blogger smack talk?

I've seen it all now. "My blog is bigger than your blog!" Where is the blogging capital of TN? Who cares? Do you guys also play frisbee golf and have paintball wars? This is some of the most irrelevant crap I have ever read.

Eleanor A's picture

It's called a joke, son

Or do they not have those over on your side of the tracks?

R. Neal's picture

Do you guys also play

Do you guys also play frisbee golf and have paintball wars?

No, but we get together for an occasional Medieval Reenactment and Dungeons and Dragons Smackdown.

Anonymous's picture

Funny stuff R.,

Thanks for the chuckle.....

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