Apr 22 2015
05:08 pm
By: CE Petro  shortURL

A few weeks ago Mr P was going to trim back the large bush outside our bathroom window, but, that was not going to happen. A Mama Cardinal was in the process of building a nest. Mrs. Cardinal promptly finished her nest and started sitting on some eggs.

Since Mrs. Cardinal was rather skittish, we tried to leave her in peace, but after some recent storms, and me checking on her to make sure she was still sitting on her eggs, she seems to have gotten a little bit used to me. At least she doesn't try to bolt from the nest so quickly as she used to.

I was out this morning and when I got home, as has been my habit, I went to the bathroom to check on Mrs Cardinal. She wasn't in her nest, nor could I see into the nest. I was a little worried, but not too worried. I checked in a few hours later and there were two little beaks, wide open, peaking up from the depths of the nest!


Mr. Cardinal came by to give the babies a feeding, and wasn't too upset as I took a few pictures (mind you, these are through a screen).
Another of Mr Cardinal
Mrs Cardinal
The proud parents:

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Wonderful! Thanks.

Wonderful! Thanks.

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