Sep 4 2013
08:02 am

Early voting for the City of Knoxville primary starts today. Times and locations can be found here.

There are five City Council seats on the ballot. Only two are contested, the 4th and 6th districts.

Regardless of what happens in the primary, all of the candidates will advance to the general election to be held Nov. 5th.

UPDATE AND CORRECTION: Knox Co. Administrator of Elections Cliff Rodgers writes:

I just saw your post re: the [4th District] race and wanted to point out that this race does include a certified write-in candidate, Carl H. Lansden. Therefore, if Mr. Lansden were to place first or second in that race, then he and the other winner of that primary would move on to the Regular City Election in November pursuant to the Knoxville City Charter. In other words, under those circumstances, Mr. Lansden’s name would be placed on that ballot along with the name of the other primary winner.

So, a little possible extra drama in the 4th.

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Which means if you don't live

Which means if you don't live in the 4th or 6th Districts, you got no reason to live, primary-wise.

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I imagine turnout will be

I imagine turnout will be pretty low. The 4th district results will maybe indicate which way the winds are blowing for Della Volpe.

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See update and correction.

See update and correction.

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