Mar 17 2019
11:09 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Alexa, what time is the SEC championship game?

“On December 1st in the SEC Championship Game, Alabama beat Georgia, 35 to 28.”

Alexa, what time is the SEC championship basketball game today?

“Leading the Championship are Norwich City, with 69 points, a record of 20 wins, 9 draws, and 6 losses, and a goal differential of plus 26.”

Hey Google, what time is the SEC championship game?

Today, Auburn will play Tennessee at 1 PM.

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And it's very hard to figure out when reading the game story in the News Sentinel.

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Hey 737 Max8, fly me to

Hey 737 Max8, fly me to Europe.

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In retrospect,

I think Alexa had the better answers.

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How did she know?


How did she know?

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