Dec 22 2013
08:43 pm

Duck Dynasty, Duck Dynasty, Duck Dynasty, Duck Dynasty, Duck Dynasty, Duck Dynasty, Duck Dynasty, Duck Dynasty, Duck Dynasty, Duck Dynasty, Duck Dynasty, Duck Dynasty, Duck Dynasty, Duck Dynasty, Duck Dynasty.

Every retail store. Every newspaper. Every cable newscast. Every news website. Every billboard on the highway. There's no escape.

Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick. Please make it stop. I can't take any more. And I've never even watched the show.

Not trying to drive up search engine page views or anything, but, seriously? This is how the end of American exceptionalism will be remembered?

I thought it would be Honey Boo Boo. Or Ted Cruz. Or Justin Bieber. Oh, wait. Is he Canadian? Maybe I meant Miley Cyrus. At any rate, never underestimate the Idiocracy, our new exceptionalism.

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I wandered through my usual

I wandered through my usual pickings this afternoon, the History Channel, History 2, Discovery, and so on. What is this fascination people seem to have with ignorant rednecks buying junk from people's garages, flipping junker cars to sell at auction, repossessing vehicles?

And what is more, they are all as ugly as the hind wheels of bad luck. At least the Dukes were easy to look at.

And why was anybody surprised when an ignorant redneck said in an interview what every ignorant redneck has said in real life?


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And why was anybody surprised

And why was anybody surprised when an ignorant redneck said in an interview what every ignorant redneck has said in real life?

I was wondering the same thing myself. Isn't that pretty much the target demographic of their TV show?

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I like Honey

I like Honey BooBoo.

Seriously, she is a very bright, generous little girl who doesn't appear to have a mean bone in her body. Her favorite uncle is gay and helped her train for her baby beauty pageants. Her mother is a bit wacky, but also not mean, and her father is a hard-wroking, pretty harmless guy. They are not raging right-wingers.
She seems to have an open mind and an open heart and is not a bad kid at all. Hope somebody is saving some of the money her family's making off her.

fischbobber's picture

I liked it

Until they made the focus the prayer at the end. Don't get me wrong, we pray at dinner at our house, but I watch T.V. for escape and entertainment. Satan X is my state senator. I get enough of their recent flap in real life. I don't need that crap from a show I watch to make me laugh. I'm going back to Swamp People.

"SHOOT'EM! SHOOT'EM!" (Alligators, not people.)

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Words that made me pause

From back in July, Phil Robertson was talking about leaving the A&E show. In short he wants to separate the idiocracy from their money, by evangelizing to them (read he wants to evangelize in another article, perhaps in Parade). Can't do that when they are still under contract for the show, now can he?

Okay, that's my first gut feeling, my cynical view. Phil is a millionaire, he will take advantage of whatever to make more money. (Oh, and by the way, a church in Bristol TN canceled a family member of DD from speaking because the family is dabbling in producing a line of wine -- hypocrisy?)

But to really understand that this is NOT about Phil Robertson's freedom of speech, and he's odious words ARE harmful, let's hear from a defrocked minister (defrocked for officiating his son's gay wedding).

“These messages have an impact on our children — tremendous impact,” said Schaefer, of Lebanon, Penn.

“It affects them, and often they suffer silently, without telling anyone.”

Schaefer should know.

Robertson’s views are “part of the hate speech I saw in the church that has led my son to doubt his validity,” said Schaefer.

“He considered suicide, he prayed and asked God to change him...It’s not a matter of theology, it’s a matter of life and death.”

Tim would go on to embrace his identity and asked his father to officiate his gay wedding in Massachusetts in 2007.

It was Shaefer's words that made me pause. Gay teen suicide is rising, bullying of gay (or uncertain) teens is an incredibly serious problem. And teen suicide rates are higher in politically conservative areas.

But, the media has been absent on these points, and it shouldn't be. Nope, the media has chosen to represent the bullies, the idiocracy that threatens anyone that isn't like them.

There should be a very important discussion taking place because of the idiocy spouted by Phil, but instead there is a deafening silence.

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Not so Strange Bedfellows

The Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to picket A&E.

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I assumed the Duck Dynasty explosion was the result of a marketing team that makes Don Draper look like bush league. I have to wonder who they are going to sign on for the next marketing blitz.

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I heard a story on the news

I heard a story on the news last night where Cracker Barrel removed all the Duck Dynasty products from the shelves. They then got such a backlash from Duck Dynasty fans they put it back up.

Anne woodle's picture


You may remember that a few years ago Cracker Barrel was successfully sued for its blatantly discriminatory practices toward African Americans in hiring and serving.

redmondkr's picture

Speaking of Cracker Barrel,

Speaking of Cracker Barrel, remember the tea-ins back when they were firing employees simply because they were gay? Gays and lesbians would show up at their restaurants and order nothing but tea or coffee and occupy tables half a day absorbing refills and clogging up the works.

Cracker Barrel now pretends it never happened, they have always been a loving employer to all.

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Dixie Chicks vs. Duck Dynasty.

Factchecker's picture

What it takes to be dixie chicked

Really want to go there? Natalie Maines made the offhand remark that she was embarrassed to be from the same state as George W. Bush, period and cue the right-wing false outrage media machine. You can then re-read the statements made by the DD star. Any differences?

Anonymous1's picture

I think Western Civilization

I think Western Civilization ended some time ago. This is just an echo.

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I watched a bunch of clips of

I watched a bunch of clips of this show earlier tonight on You Tube because I'd never seen it. I want all those four minute segments back, added to the end of my life if need be.

I can't really not watch the show in protest when I never watched the show in the first place. And just thinking about all this makes me think of the Chic-fil-A effect, long lines around the block to prove your piety, soaring profits for Jesus.

And then I just miss Chic-fil-A. That's a damn fine sandwich and really the only reason to set foot in a mall. I'm hoping one of my kids has an event at school that involves me and a free CfA sandwich. Also science or literacy or something.

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A win-win for A&E

It appears that A&E got everything it needed.
1) The current season of DD has already been shot and is in the can. Whether Robinson's contract is renewed for another season is almost irrelevant.
2) A&E got huge publicity for the show that is bound to boost ratings. Threats of a boycott will do that much more.
3) It will eventually dawn on the dullard rednecks that boycotting the show is cutting off their nose to spite their face. (apparently the favorite pastime of conservatives)
4) A&E got the bonus of making a public statement against homophobia and racism which will benefit them in the long term.

Yes, a win-win for A&E.

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Let's talk about duck calls.

Let's talk about duck calls. Aren't they essentially meant as mating calls? If so, are these guys rich from selling items men use to trick ducks into thinking the men want sex with ducks? Should be a bibilical violation in that somehow.

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I long for the good ole days

I long for the good ole days when Pat Robertson was the family wackjob.

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True stories of honest

True stories of honest working people as told by Hollywood stars. Yawn.

Sure seems as noted above this event seems an end run around a contract
ol' Phil wants out of. Savvy.

For a real drive in web traffic, why not start a hashtag meme for replacements?


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Pics Pre-Reality TV

Interestingly, this DKos diary of cites this website that has before and after pics of the Robertson family.

Yuppies in red-neck drag, indeed.

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Golden Geese

The DD duck calls are twice the price of any comparable high quality duck call. It's a niche market for people who have enough money to donate to Ducks Unlimited.

The show has all been about merchandizing specific brands of camo patterns, clothing and outdoor accessories.

bizgrrl's picture

It's not like they wear out

It's not like they wear out or ducks learn new calls.


redmondkr's picture

I wonder which ancestor of

I wonder which ancestor of the wrinkled old Duck Dynasty patriarch was saved by the work of this man.

I'm sure he appreciates the favor.

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