May 26 2010
10:11 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Apparently Rep. Stacey Campfield thinks this is funny. Looks like at least a couple of Class A Misdemeanors to me.

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Only, um...

Only, um, Nashville had looting.

There have been 26 confirmed looting calls since May 3, police chief Ronal Serpas said. The police department plans to be in many neighborhoods in the evening with a visible presence to deter looting.

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I passed along your link to that Tennessean story to the Rep. on his blog post.

I commented that perhaps his "deterrent" didn't work out so well after all. I doubt seriously that he will allow it to post, but who knows. At least privately he will know that people can easily debunk even his stupid "jokes". I doubt that it will stop him from posting more garbage but one can try.

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Two of those idiots appear to

Two of those idiots appear to have their fingers on the trigger. That's called gun safety baby!

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If our DA would do his job at

If our DA would do his job at least one nut case would have his gun permit revoked. A permit holder in Knox County has a least one fake ID (a commercial pilots license) and maybe more. I notice he had little knowledge of FAA regs so I check his name at The man has never had a FAA third class medical or any FAA license. "Impersonating A Licensed Professional" is a Class "E" Felony in Tennessee. He also claims to be a former Navy Seal and deputy but his knowledge of the military is too little to be believable. Just like the shooter at Inskip, until he has a criminal (Randy Nichols job) record he can own a gun.

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The photo in question isn't

The photo in question isn't from Nashville. It made the rounds after Katrina.

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So does that make Campfield a

So does that make Campfield a liar or just stupid?

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But the fantasy fact is a stock in trade of wingnuts.

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Flip a coin.

Flip a coin.

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You say this as if these are

You say this as if these are mutually exclusive.

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