Aug 12 2014
11:38 am

WBIR reports that 434 teachers left Knox County Schools this year, including 146 teachers who retired and 288 who resigned. Dr McIntyre is quoted as saying it's "very routine." WBIR's chart tells a different story.

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this is becoming,

a Monty Python sketch.

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Am I reading the graph wrong?

Does it show the reduction that McIntyre says it does?

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Steady increase

Steady increase in retirement from 2010 on…little loophole in retirement seeing a drop from 2013 to 14, but I'd guess those aren't all in yet. However, resignations have more than doubled since 2009 and are up by about 100 since 2011. (Up by almost 100 is pretty big when the total is 288!)

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It's very routine......

It's very routine for a failing companies best talent to jump ship and survive before the total failure of the organization destroys their career, yes.

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Doesn't Include all resignations

According to the chart it only includes those who left before April. I know several teachers who resigned over the summer. Resignations are up and we're not even seeing the true total.

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A bump in a trendline, spike, dip, something else

The raw numbers and the rate are clearly disconcerting. However no one will really know with precision until exit surveys are conducted which are not a routine part of KCS policy according to others who retired who were not given one. This is a change which could easily be a component of a proactive, pro-teacher framework. KCS would clearly benefit from improved information on retention/attrition which go beyond simple raw numbers.

WKRN TV Nashville 25% of Cheatham County teachers have resigned

Straight forward industrial org
who is quitting
why are they quitting
at what rate are they quitting
quality of workplace issues
exit surveys to determine all of the above

The state of Ohio does them
Teacher Exit Survey
An interactive resource tool for collecting data on teacher retention and attrition now is available for school districts

The Teacher Exit Survey is intended to support local education agency (LEA) needs in gathering both qualitative and quantitative data when a teacher leaves the district. Analysis of the data can help inform the district’s planning process.

The survey is interactive and, once completed by the teacher, can be emailed to, or printed and mailed to the designated district staff person. LEAs also can download the survey to a district application survey tool. Responses will be kept within the district.

The Teacher Exit Survey has been developed and provided by ODE’s Office of Educator Equity as part of the state-level Race to the Top Resources Plan, Application Area D: Great Teachers and Leaders.

"For how many years did you anticipate staying when you first started in this position?"
"Are you leaving this position because of a transfer or because you chose to leave?"
For how long did you consider leaving this position? (If you were transferred, please indicate how much notice you were given.)

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Can Dr. McIntyre tell the

Can Dr. McIntyre tell the truth ever?

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McIntyre should open his own PR shop

So the graph that shows an incredible multi-year increase of retirements and resignations, only goes through April of this year?

And this is all "routine"?

Sounds like KCS is getting "hard to staff".

To recap, we have a State Education Commisioner that's a senior ranking TFA alum and advocate. Huffman has done his best to bust unions and decided teachers with advanced degrees are no better than those without. The Broad Foundation is also an advocate of TFA, and we have Broad Fellows with tentacles in all aspects of KCS. One is such an advocate, she unabashedly tweeted "we need TFA in Knox County Schools."

This is painful to watch happen.

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I've decided Cari is correct

I've decided Cari is correct about him who shall not be named. The language and tone from three unverified posters is too similar for them not to be the same person, and unfortunately sounds just like you know who.

Please try not to feed it.

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Yeah, I see Cari never wrote

Yeah, I see Cari never wrote anything on the Daily Pulse on Red Wednesday. She must be mad at it. So she will just hold the story. Because she's upset. That's the reason.

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This one isn't

This one isn't retiring.


Were they worried about an harassment lawsuit? What gives?

Where the hell is BOE oversight? Oh yeah, they got their lips plastered to McIntyre's backside.


Is she a ghost employee? ....Ground Hog Day!!!!!

Wow...It is just like the good old days... RED WEDNESDAY and now a ghost employee for Jimbo Mc Broadie & Rocky .Hey, do you think Russ Oaks could help untie this knot? He has a lot of experience in personnel affairs.All we need now is a pair of Lumpy clown shoes and an illegal slush fund...Wait a minute, we have Krispy Kreme and the PPU is still slow cooking along(Waiting for Godot).
Wow... Cue Sonny and Cher.... It is Ground Hog Day

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