Interests: Pinot Noir, leggy Baltic blondes, helping kick off pointless regional bloodbaths in exchange for large sacks of cash.

Favorite quote:

“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”

- H. Kissinger

Added: This is a great backgrounder on the morass of Caucasian conflicts that Scheunemann and his ilk have worked to drag into US politics.

These yahoos operate a lot like the brass on The Wire. They know nothing and could care less about the facts on the ground, and work tirelessly to spin human tragedy into their stupid little power plays and money schemes. It's really disgusting to watch, yet darkly compelling.

R. Neal's picture

I see Bush is sending Condi

I see Bush is sending Condi over there. Apparently the situation wasn't already f**ked up enough. And the Bush/McCain/Rove team trying to get us in a shooting war with Russia to win an election is beyond the pale. I'm thinking voters will have exactly the opposite reaction this time. At least I hope so.

(Nice work on the "personals" ad, by the way.)

Sven's picture

I'm afraid that, putting

I'm afraid that, putting aside black and brown folk, there's nothing easier to demagogue in this country than the Russkies. And this was tailor made to spin into a David and Goliath tale.

Which is of course why they did it. That and the fat paychecks from the hapless Georgians. Nevermind that these stunts could unravel Eurasia for the next half century.

Which country would that be, John?

Sven's picture

Oh, sweet Jeebus: "Georgia

Oh, sweet Jeebus:

"Georgia is a priority right now, she's got Georgia on her mind," said the senior State Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"I mean it's quite possible that she may not make that trip {to the Olympics] but I don't want to say that it is not going to happen."

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