Mar 31 2020
07:39 am

Press release:

The 2020 Dogwood Arts Festival is going virtual after the decision was made to postpone the public event originally scheduled for April 24-26th due to the spread of COVID-19. The virtual festival launched today at https://festival.dogwoodarts.com/ and showcases 109 artists from around the country who were juried in to participate this year. The platform allows visitors to easily browse and support the artists who put so much time, energy, and talent into making the Dogwood Arts Festival such a celebrated event each year.

There will also be a Public Vote component to the Virtual Festival, and cash prizes will be awarded to the three artists with the most votes (First Place: $500, Second Place: $300, Third Place: $200). The public vote will be open March 31st - April 30th with winners announced on May 1st.

michael kaplan's picture

The dogwood trees haven't

The dogwood trees haven't gone virtual, though.

bizgrrl's picture

No, they're starting to

No, they're starting to blossom. Yeah!

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