Sep 29 2012
04:35 pm

Tennessee and Georgia tied 30 all at the half after Tennessee fights back from 17 points down, scoring big off Georgia turnovers and costly mistakes. Georgia makes a miraculous field goal with seconds remaining to tie it or Tennessee would have been leading at halftime. (Tennessee would have been leading anyway except for an inexcusably dropped perfectly thrown pass.)

If you're not watching, you might want to tune in. If Tennessee shows up to play in the second half this could be a good one.

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Looks like we're getting that

Looks like we're getting that answer now.

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Tyler Bray is joke.

Tyler Bray is joke.

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He's the living personification of........

The curse of Kiffen.

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This is the one game each year I will be happy whoever wins. I had a miserable 3 years at UGA but it is my Alma Mater after all.

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Well, it was an exciting

Well, it was an exciting game. Both teams made enough mistakes to keep it entertaining. Tennessee will have to get a better QB to win the big games. But at least Tennessee beat the spread, so there's that.

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Gotta give em' credit. They

Gotta give em' credit. They didn't give up at the end. Nobody expected them to hang in there that long.

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For the first time in a long time

I don't feel like we're getting out coached. Our team speed clearly isn't up to SEC standard, we need our quarterback to find the wizard and quit stumbling aimlessly around Oz, and we need some leadership from within our team. But I'm starting to think that Dooley may be ahead of the curve. I'm starting to think that he's playing chess in a town full of checkers players, and that if we leave him alone and just let him do his job, things may be all right in short order.

If he can recruit some fast guys.

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