I keep getting these weekly local GOP update emails from some guy named Ted Hatfield. He's apparently an executive committeeman or something?

Anyway, today I got an email from him promoting an upcoming annual dinner event put on by the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

His email address ends with @regalcinemas.com.

Wonder if Regal Cinemas knows their email is being used to promote the Sons of Confederate Veterans?

It's likely that this guy is just using his work email (it's also listed on his TNGOP executive committee page). But we're surprised that Regal Cinemas doesn't have a company policy against using company email for political purposes. Or maybe they're proud of their employees' involvement? Either way, not a good look for Regal.

Kent Johnson's picture

Ted Hatfield

Hatfield is ndeed a state GOP committeeman.
He was onstage with Commissioners Nystrom and Dailey when Commissioner Thomas read Mayor Burchett’s Lee- Jackson Day proclamation to the SCV Camp 87 dinner.

Photo from SCV Facebook page:

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