It's too easy to think there is no link between the lights in your home and the disgraceful practice of mountaintop removal mines. This interactive site shows very clearly how Knoxville and KUB benefit from mountaintop removal.

Scraping away mountains in order to get energy is a sad practice. Please take a minute to email KUB to urge them to seek sustainable energy sources as quickly as possible.

"From purple mountain majesties..." Remember getting a lump in your throat when you were a kid? I do. America's mountains deserve to be protected.

Nelle's picture

That's a neat site, Carole.

That's a neat site, Carole. Thanks for the link.

In addition to the collective action of mountain top removal activism, there are some individual steps KUB customers should also take, if they haven't already:

  • And conserve energy too, of course.
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I really liked the Green Power info...

I'm going to do it. They explained it really well. I had heard about it and read some blurbs but it wasn't until I got to their "Tell Me More About It" link that I finally understood all about it.

Every little bit really does help when it comes to energy cost reduction.

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Maybe their sources are the

Maybe their sources are the website somewhere, but I question how they got the data to say a certain plant buys from a certain mining operation. I just don't see TVA (or any other utility) giving up that information.

I have heard that TVA buys most of its coal from the western US, which is low sulfur. They do so to circumvent emission limits rather than installing controls at the plant.

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It doesn't state their sources, but the links add more info

I don't imagine it would be too hard for people invested in protecting the mountains to find how the power grids flow. If you click on the icons on the map, it elaborates more.

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Don't anyone read or believe

Don't anyone read or believe in the Bible anymore. God is going to melt down everything anyway some day. I don't have time to worry about 20, 50 or a 100 years from now or Social Security which is said to have enough money to last only til 2042. I'm less than one heart-beat away from my forever just like everyone else. If we had of had the big plan of using the World's oil up and saving ours for a couple hundred years down the road so we could control the rest of the world, we would have more than enough oil coming out of the ground here daily to have lasted us until both the sun and moon were no longer hung in the Heavens.

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Step on it, Lord

If Jesus is coming to rapture you, Jimmie, I sure hope he hurries up.

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So Jimmie,

Where in there does it say for you to kill other people at random?

That's what emmissions from coal fired plants do, you know...About 30,000 a year in the US alone.

What part of "Thy shalt not Kill" don't you understand?

Carole Borges's picture

You really have to feel sad for the people who think God is bad

To people who are vulnerable, the whole "God hates and punishes certain people" routine just rubs salt in their wounds. It is very evil, though it wears the trappings of religious philosophy.

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