Jan 18 2008
10:13 am

Ackermania has an interesting report.

reform4's picture

Blogs break news first in many cases

I love it when my wife excitedly points out something she just heard on CNN or MSNBC, and I get to wave my hand and say:

"Oh yeah, that. I read that about two weeks ago on "

Real journalism is dead. Just ask the woman who was forced to ask Hillary about "pearls or diamonds" in one of the debates. Or watch that guitar song introduction at the GOP YouTube debate. It makes me want to cry, and it makes me glad I decided against a career in journalism.

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PR envy?

Which influences the news the most: blogs or powerful PR agencies?

Give us a break, Hackermaniac.

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Do you mean in Knoxville, or

Do you mean in Knoxville, or in the rest of the (real) world?

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If you're asking about the

If you're asking about the was national. If you're asking about what reform4 means, I can't answer.

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