Bob Corker and Ron Ramsey are sitting by the fire at Cracker Barrel playing the peg game. Who leaves the least pegs?


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Big of Roy

State Democratic Party Chairman Roy Herron called on Ramsey to fire whoever wrote the tweet...

Yes, had to be somebody else, it couldn’t be Roy’s buddy Ron.

How bout this Mr. Herron, instead of taking yet another job, ask your buddy to denounce it.

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Reagan, Iran- Contra, redux

The Reagan/Bush's CIA trained & armed al-Qaeda in Afghanistan overlaps with some of the same religious zealots in Syria- namely the Saudi supported Sunnis fighing a proxy war with Iranian backed Shia. There are some similarities to the administration doing the same today by arming the Syrian rebels against Assad.

What's ironic is Ramsey's remarkable ignorance of his own party's position on arming the rebel armies. The R's want MORE arms sales, US bombing, more training for insurgents in Syria. More abuse of our worn-out military personnel for empire.

For anyone interested in context, Moyers has a must read on the complexities of the Syrian fiasco here:


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