Nov 9 2017
04:00 pm

My understanding was the "Olli" was supposed to debut in downtown Knoxville in September during an "Innovation" Week sort of event. But I never saw or heard anything that week.

Can't find anything on their site.

Any info on what happened?

Meet Olli

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Yes, Ollie was on Market Square for it's debut during that innovation week. The company is currently building it to be in service in 2018.

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There May Be One Million Reasons Self-Driving Cars Make Sense

“Our analysis suggests that a policy of waiting for HAVs to be…nearly perfect would be costly in terms of human lives,” the authors of the report write in their conclusion. “Just how costly? It may vary significantly — from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of lives over time, depending on how the technology and its diffusion evolve.”

In one of the most optimistic scenarios, the speedy acceptance of self-driving cars would spare 1.1 million lives over 50 years.

There May Be One Million Reasons Self-Driving Cars Make Sense

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U.S. safety board to probe

U.S. safety board to probe self-driving shuttle crash in Las Vegas

The accident was driver error in the other vehicle.


Reporter Jeff Zurschmeide, who was on the shuttle at the time of the crash, said the self-driving vehicle did what it was programmed to do but not everything a human driver might do.
"That’s a critical point," Zurschmeide wrote on "We had about 20 feet of empty street behind us (I looked), and most human drivers would have thrown the car into reverse and used some of that space to get away from the truck. Or at least leaned on the horn and made our presence harder to miss."

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A couple conditional

A couple conditional statements in the code?

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If it was so simple.

If it was so simple.

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