This 28 year old single parent has raised a furor in the community by exposing her boobs and some scantily clad pics on MySpace, a community site for adults who are supposed to be 18 years old or older.

The school sent a letter home warning parents about this. It did state that the teacher had 1st amendment rights, but it added the school board has measures to address unprofessional behavior.

I have mixed feelings about this. I don't think she did anything that should get her fired, but, when I was teaching, I was very aware of how my students might view any of my behaviors, so I always kept my private life totally private. Certainly the teacher didn't use very good judgement. We all know kids surf MySpace and have sites on it also. All you have to do is say you're 18 and you're on.

I think the school principal should have called the teacher in privately and explained why she shouldn't be exposing her self (no pun intended) to possible ridicule by the kids or to anger from parents.

Joe328's picture

Constitutional Rights

She has every right to do as she wishes on her own time. Let the community judge her, not the government. One reason people came to this country in such large number was our great constitutional rights. Something we seem to be slowly drifting away from.

When I was in high school (1971), we had a teacher who owned a night club in the UT area. One weekend, a fight broke out and he shot a man defending himself. There was no big issue with him in the news, and he continued teaching with nothing in the news about him being a teacher.

Bbeanster's picture

My information is that the

My information is that the teacher's ex-husband is the one who spread the news of the website around, and that the school sent the letters to parents because they knew that a media storm was coming, and they wanted the parents to be prepared. He contacted every media outlet in Knoxville.

Another case of a crazed ex, it seems. Maybe the the school people were right, or maybe not. But they didn't do it out of malice or prudery. You're faced with a situation and you make a decision.

Pam Strickland's picture

That certainly changes makes

That certainly changes makes the letter much more reasonable.

With an ex like that, perhaps there's another reason for not doing this.

Pam Strickland

"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." ~Kurt Vonnegut

Carole Borges's picture

Why didn't the school say so this morning?

If that's true, it seems they fumbled this thing royally. This morning in the KNS it said "Human resources supervisor Margie Kincaid said Monday that Inskip administrators learned of the pictures through an e-mail sent to them Thursday evening directing them to Web links.

“It’s not clear where the e-mail came from,” she said.

Asked if someone besides England might have put the photographs online, Kincaid said, “at this point, it’s too sketchy to say. When we learned of the situation, the investigation started. As far as we know, we don’t have a full picture as to what is going on at this particular time.”

Kincaid said she is in touch with the county Law Department


They could have been a little more open and said they suspected the teacher might have had nothing to do with the site. That would have put a whole different slant on the story.

They also reported that she was "very remorseful". Wouldn't enraged, outraged, and horrified be a more apt description of someone who had been betrayed like that?

I hope for her sake it was her ex. It seemed so absurd that any mature teacher would do this without realizing she might cause an awful lot of trouble for herself and the school.

If the ex did it, he is an A-Number One RAT! He should be held accountable. Surely there must be laws about this sort of thing.

Bbeanster's picture

Here's a copy of the email sent to school officials

From: Adam England []
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2007 2:33 PM
Subject: one of your teachers ?

Here is a web site that has a teacher at Inskip Elementary in what I call questionable pictures.


I think you will find it very provocative to say the least. This is not the only web site.

Thanks for your time

Simply Ridiculous's picture

Mixed feelings too....

My feelings are mixed not only in this case, but also the rising number of cases where children accuse their teachers of inappropriate behavior. Why does the school system, etc. release this information to the public before the investigation is completed and formal judgement issued? Can you imagine how the innocent must feel not being able to defend themselves after being found guilty by the media? After the initial report is published the accused may never be able to restore the public's faith in their character.

In this case, however, all the proof is in the photos. I think the situation should be addressed, but I disagree with letters being sent home to the parents. That letter most likely prompted more of the children at this school to become aware of what was going on; otherwise they may have never known about it.

bizgrrl's picture

I don't know all of the

I don't know all of the details on how this was handled. However, I do think it very bad judgement for this female teacher to expose herself in this manner on the internet. I would not want her teaching my daughters or sons. This is not the example I would want set for my children.

SammySkull's picture

I would not want her

I would not want her teaching my daughters or sons. This is not the example I would want set for my children.

I'll agree that she wasn't really thinking when she put her pictures up on Myspace and so set a bad example there, but I don't know that this sort of thing makes her a bad example in general. From what little I know about the U10's I coach and their families, I could easily be considered a bad example or role model if any of them were to see my Myspace. I don't have any nude or even near nude pictures up, but I do have enough things there that could be expected to bother the type of family I tend to work with during soccer season. My heathen ways don't effect how well I help these kids learn soccer.

jbr's picture

The school administrators

The school administrators did not handle it well. A simple one on one "Hey someone emailed this to us. You might put those on a password protected dating site. You being a teacher someone might blow it out of proportion."

Other than perhaps the poses, it was not any different than vacation photos you might find on most any site.

Shannon's picture

It's a pretty simple thing

It's a pretty simple thing to make your MySpace page viewable by friends only. She didn't break the law, I don't think she should be fired, but she used some horrible judgement by not friends-locking her page. Knowing how net-savvy elementary school kids are, I wouldn't have chanced one of my students stumbling across naked pics.

WhitesCreek's picture

I wanna see the

I wanna see the pictures...Still have teacher fantasies.

The disappearing private life is a problem for everyone in the whole world. I have no answer for this one, except that we should make our decisions carefully.

Carole Borges's picture

A link to the pictures and the letter were removed

That may be a good idea. The original My Space site was deleted, but not before others copied it. They might be illegal, so I respect the moderator's decision here.I didn't include the link to embarass the teacher further (sorry about your schoolboy fantasies). I'm sure anyone who wants to find it will because it is posted on other sites. I just felt it would be unfair to discuss this without the picture. I wanted to see it for myself rather than rely on the KNS. As they say "one picture is worth a thousand words". But not if it will cause legal problems.

captainkona's picture


I wanna see the pictures...Still have teacher fantasies.

That's what I like about you, WC...
It's that good, old fashioned, sledgehammer honesty.
I'll never forget Ms. Goodwin parkin' her tushy on my desk as she read to us in fourth grade English.
(Sigh), what a gal.

If I was gonna play point-the-finger in this case, I'm pointing it at the outraged parents that let their underage kids hang out at MySpace without supervision. I hear there's Republican pedos there.

So, dude....have you found the pics yet? If you do remember to share. :P

"The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it's open."

knoxinsider's picture

18 years old - NOT a MySpace requirements

There is no age limitation on a MySpace account. However, from their Terms of Service "Your profile may be deleted and your Membership may be terminated without warning, if we believe that you are under 14 years of age."

So, for what it is worth, this teacher's students could easily - and legally - view her postings.

captainkona's picture


Thanx for clarifying that.

Still, my problem lies with parents that complain about such content, then allow their kids to surf the net unsupervised.

Boobies. How can something so innocent, bouncy and wonderful get such a bad rap?

Anyway, they should be glad we don't have a fertility festival like Japan's.

Thanx again ;)

"The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it's open."

RedDog's picture

while the pictures may have

while the pictures may have been sexy, they didn't actually show anything. A lot was left to the imagination

Mykhailo's picture

I suppose this might be

I suppose this might be something approaching questionable, although barely so, if she had her name on the pages,or some other identifying information that could plausibly be searched for.

That's not stated in the article, though. And if there wasn't any of that, than this is completely stupid, beyond belief stupid. They're not pictures of her smoking crack, or taking on three guys or something. There's a tiny bit of exposed boobie in one, with her looking all emo and stuff. Objecting to someone anonymously posting a picture like that is the definition of prudery. Although, if she indeed did this anonymously, it's clearly an attempt by someone who knows her, who didn't randomly stumble across the site, to exact revenge for some slight.

Mykhailo's picture

From what little I know

From what little I know about the U10's I coach and their families, I could easily be considered a bad example or role model if any of them were to see my Myspace.

We need to fire the teachers who post the filth they do on the Blab. If our children found out what they really are like in real life...*shudder*

WhitesCreek's picture

A hypothetical

A public person, after a lengthy career, decides to give something back, goes back to school, and earns a teaching certificate.

Would you let Julia Roberts teach your child?

Would you let Governor Swarzenegger teach your child?

Would you let George Clooney teach your child?

Would you let Karl Rove teach your child?

Would you let Ronald Reagan (were he still alive and cognizant) teach your child?

Would you let Jenna Bush teach your child?

There are topless photographs of all but one person above.

At least one person is an avowed atheist.

At least one person has appeared in full frontal nude photos which have been made public.

At least one person above has appeared in porn.

At least one person above has been photographed kissing a member of the same sex.

Tell me again what this teacher did? I have no problems with holding a public servant to some standard as long as ALL public servants are held to the same standard.

Bizzy's picture


Please tell me its not Karl Rove with full frontal nudity.

circlemoon's picture


Amen to that. Just thinking about it made me want to vomit but I didn't. But I could taste it a little...

oneknoxfamily's picture

Teacher Gone Wild!

Well, not really. More like teacher gone dumb.

At 28 years old she’s an adult and as a citizen of the United States of America she has a first amendment right to free speech. She’s also not breaking any laws by posting what some are calling “partially nude” photos on MySpace. The legality of her actions however are not what I feel the issue is about.

Read my full post

Knox area reviews, tips & news.

CBT's picture

Social and dating websites

Social and dating websites were not part of your father's teachers. Not so today. I don't have one of these pages, but if I did I would be very careful what I put there given clients and business associates could see it. Same for the teacher. Kids use these websites more than adults. She needed to consider whether she would want her students, other teachers and school administrators to see the photos and content.

I have mixed feelings about the letter. I don't know if it was an overreaction or something that needed to be cleared up with parents before it blew up even more.

One thing I am sure of, with the story in the KNS today there are folks all over East Tennesee and beyond searching to see those photos who would have never known about the issue.

knoxinsider's picture


Possessing the Right and/or Freedom do something does not mean that there are no consequences.

People make choices, legal choices, that have a negative impact on their lives every day.

Did she have the right to take and post those pictures? No question - an absolute right.

Will there be consequences to her exercising that right? Most likely.

I have the absolute right to walk down Gay street in biker shorts and a pink bra. Being a 40-something man, I may experience some consequences that may not be in my best interest from exercising that right.

So when we discuss this topic - discuss the consequences, not "her rights."

She may have the right post the pictures, but I have the right to demand a higher standard of those who will teach my children.

Virgil Proudfoot's picture

Virgil says: "Bring back educational standards!"

How the educational standards of our schools have declined!

When Virgil was in the eighth grade, he had an English teacher who was a rather attractive young female--by contemporary rural teacher standards, anyway--who insisted on administering corporal punishment once per week. The punishment consisted of having the offending student lie face-down across her lap while she sat on a straight-back chair and administered several whacks with a large, flat paddle to the kid's posterior.

Allow me to repeat: This was the eighth grade, when the students were roughly 14 years old. Now, what do you imagine most of the 14-year-old males did? Naturally, nearly all of us committed as many acts of malfeasance as possible during the week in order to land ourselves in Miss Christie's lap each Friday morning. This rapidly became the high point of the week for everyone involved.

Alas, how our scholastic standards have declined!

Pam Strickland's picture


I learned about this from the WVLT story last night, and thought that there reaction was a bit over the top. However, I think that station is probably an arm of some neo-conservative Christian denomination given the high-Christian spin they put on things completley out of the blue. They did show some of the pictures, and while they weren't so much as R rated in content I do think that they were clearly not appropriate for someone who is an elementary school teacher to put on a public website.

It's definitely a What was she thinking moment?

Should the letter have gone out. No. Should the principal have handled to directly and quickly. Yes.

Clearly if she wanted to do this in some manner that was completely private or had a distinct limited access it would be another question.

There are just certain things that you do knowing that you're taking a chance with the consequences. And, if you don't know that there are consequences, then maybe you shouldn't be teaching because one of the things that every child has to learn is the consequences to their actions. Well, maybe this will be a teachable moment in that aspect.


Pam Strickland

"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." ~Kurt Vonnegut

R. Neal's picture

Interesting discussion.

Interesting discussion of a complicated situation. Carry on.

redmondkr's picture

Americans can be such prudes

Firefighter Michael Biserta's MySpace page caused FDNY to halt their calendar sales that benefited charities. I saw what the fuss was all about.

I'm sure there are those who would not want such a person rescuing them from a burning building.

Some of us wouldn't mind.

Visit us at

Wearybottom Associates

Joe328's picture

HHH Radio Talk Show

Today a man claiming to be her boyfriend, said he posted the pictures on his web page, just to show everyone his girlfriend. She never posted any pictures. On Thursday, October 10, the boyfriend will be on the HHH show to answer questions.

Bbeanster's picture

I am told that the person

I am told that the person who alerted the media to the photos has the same last name that she does, so it sounds like he just got wind of the site and blew the whistle on it. Sounds like the teacher was a total victim.

WhitesCreek's picture

Ok, Now I DON"T want to see the pictures

Someone needs a stern lecture...or something.

Why are some men such dicks?

bizgrrl's picture

On Thursday, October

On Thursday, October 10

If this is true, this guy has some explaining to do. I certainly hope he no longer has a girlfriend.

Shannon's picture

I find it hard to believe

I find it hard to believe that she didn't know what was on her boyfriend's MySpace page. Presumably, having a MySpace page herself (which the boyfriend claimed on the HHH show), she has him listed as a friend and visits once in awhile. Unless he just put them up the day this broke, surely she knew the pics were there. Maybe she asked him to friendslock his page and he didn't.

Again, legally she didn't do anything wrong, but this was a bad, bad judgement call.

Bbeanster's picture

I think there might be two

I think there might be two men involved -- an ex-husband and maybe a BF. We might be confusing the two.

Shannon's picture

No, I know her ex-husband

No, I know her ex-husband was the one who tipped the school off and the boyfriend was the one who says he posted the pictures. I'm trying to say that I have trouble believing that she didn't know what her own boyfriend had on his MySpace, especially if she had a MySpace page of her own. He can post whatever he wants, but it would have been wiser of her to ask him to friendslock the page, making it viewable only by those he listed as friends on the website.

I agree, if the story goes like it's been presented here, the ex-husband is the real bad guy. The teacher and her boyfriend did not exercise the best judgement, though.

BTW, hi Bean!

Carole Borges's picture

Something feels a little off here...

"Today a man claiming to be her boyfriend, said he posted the pictures on his web page, just to show everyone his girlfriend."

A revolting statement that one & it doesn't exactly seem so innocent either. This man must be pretty odd to presume to put up pictures of her that many would consider provactive. This was a very aggressive act really, to take ownership of her good looks and want to flaunt them to his friends. Hardly a compliment. Most men don't want their pals gawking at their girlfriends anyway. They'd prefer to enjoy having a beautiful girlfriend all to themselves. Men traditionally (sorry guys if this is a worn out cliche) feel protective of the girlfriends they have, and they avoid tantalizing other men with their special lady.

It's a shame all this had to played out in public, but not everyone has neat & tidy lives.

Was this boyfriend at all remorseful? I hope she has broken up with him. She really ought to take some kind of action. He sounds like a real loser to me and not very sensitive.

There remains something kind of fuzzy about this whole thing. I'm still not convinced the "facts" represent the whole story.

Joe328's picture


Your right, but the point is, he made the decision and posted the pictures. He now regrets posting the pictures after the fact. I also agree that posting such a picture is bad judgment, but as a man, I can assure you that some men love to show off a trophy. Furthermore, you see women everyday showing plenty of skin and cleavage. Clothing catalogs have plenty of pictures of men and women modeling under garments, which was what she was wearing. This teacher was showing no more than what student can see on local TV.

Moral charter is a thin fine line with only a small gray area dividing good from bad, and that gray area seems to alway be swaying like a tree in the wind. I sometimes judge too quickly, and later realize the mistake I made. If I was judged today, like I have sometimes judged others, I would have to leave town where no one knows me.

Carole Borges's picture

But that's the whole point, honey

I can assure you that some men love to show off a trophy.

No disrespect intended, but even when I was dazzling (ah, me so long ago), I sure didn't want any man, not even my husbands, thinking of me as a trophy. That is very demeaning. I think a lot of women today are confused when it comes to sex and male approval. How could they not be with the media broadcasting all kinds of conflicting messages? I do think most women want love and respect regardless of what they say or how sexy they may appear.

It sounds contradictory and it is, but many women seem to think being "hot" to a man means the world. As a rather experienced female I have to say this is sooo really sad. To feel delighted and special because some man responds to a sexual prompt is silly. It took me a while to get it and it still makes me chuckle, but I believe almost any man will respond lavishly to anything that even smacks of seduction. Will a dog wag its tail when you dangle a sausage in front of its nose? It has little to do with the particular woman involved. She could be quite dull looking, but slap a bikini on her and men's heads will turn. I think it has something to do with Mars and Venus.

Some women get confused because they can't tell love and respect from lust and a good time. There are women who really are looking only for a good time and enjoy being blatantly sexual, and there are men who have a rich appreciation for women beyond their curves and giggles, but "generally" speaking (Yes, Sigmund, I was going to write--on the whole---but changed my mind), I think a lot of people are all confused about sex and romance. Trying to be sexy to get male approval usually fails because ironically the women who tend to have the deep good relationships are just trying to be comfortable being themselves while caring deeply for others. In spite of the head turning, men usually mate up with women who show they know how to care.

God bless them for that.

CBT's picture

Why are some men such

Why are some men such dicks?

I suggest a month's worth of 'The View' and 'Oprah'.

bizgrrl's picture

I suggest a month's worth of

I suggest a month's worth of 'The View' and 'Oprah'.

Go Vols!

blounttruth's picture

Parents show no responsability

Having 2 girls I can tell you this. Myspace is noted as being for 18 and over, so if any parent complains that their children have been shocked by their teachers photo then the parents should be charged with neglect, and if this picture offended anyone else that was under 18 then the news media should be sued due to displaying it all over the 6 o'clock news since it was so bad.

When did it become the teachers responsibility to make sure that under age children are not on Myspace when they are at home? This is clearly a violation of this teachers privacy, and ignorance on the part of the parents. My girls want my space pages, the oldest is over 18 so she can do as she chooses, but the youngest at 12 has 6 years left before she will be allowed to view this at home. Now I am no moron and if she is at a friends house I am sure she will see it and this is exactly how she knows about it and why she wants to create an account, but the parents that let minors on the internet unsupervised or without the proper protection software just as soon drop them off on the Cumberland Avenue strip Saturday night and pick them up at 3am. Wake up people, the internet is a great tool for almost anything that you want to do, and the predators know this. Monitor your kids usage of the computer, or don’t whine when something happens.

P.S. Should a teacher loose their job if a student or student sees them in a boat at the marina in a thong on a Saturday???


Pam Strickland's picture

No, but

My cousin teaches second grade in a Knox County school, she was recently appalled when she ran into some of her kids' parents while she and her sis in law were buying a copious amount of beer for her brother's birthday party. It's not that she would tell her students to drink beer or that she would regularly get drunk, but as a k-12 teacher you don't want to give parents any reason to think badly of you because it could come back to slap you in the face at some point.

Of course, my cousin also isn't the type of woman to wear a thong in public. She would consider that skanky.

Pam Strickland

"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." ~Kurt Vonnegut

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