Nov 7 2012
09:46 am

I missed this entirely.


Tess's picture


From the clip--I don't think so. She is not a spring chicken, and I think tired, not drunk.

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I would say "effusive."

I would say "effusive."

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Trippin on Acid

"This may be the last time we see two white men run against each other in a presidential election." -- Matt Dowd of ABC News.

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Well, I think she looks high

Well, I think she looks high on something. She mighta had a valium with her glass of wine at dinner not thinking she'd have a reaction, who knows? Feel bad for her embarrassment though. She's always seemed like a nice person and she's been around for so long and such a solid pro, I say give her a break.

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Not to be judgmental, but I kinda thought so, too, Hilde.

Comments I read here and there this morning cited some previous instance when veiwers raised the same question, but that was news to me this morning, as well.

The mister and I were channel surfing last night and didn't catch the segment captured in the clip at this USA Today link above.

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Hal Boedeker of the Orlando

Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel says, "National laughingstock: Florida? Yes. Diane Sawyer? I don't think so."

Which makes me wonder: How much "Good Morning America" and "ABC World News" have these viewers watched?

Sawyer was being Sawyer. She has an exuberant, bubbly style on live television. She likes to take over with Auntie Mame gusto.
If you want to talk about laughingstocks, look to Florida.
CNN's Ashleigh Banfield noted that Floridians were still voting at 1:45 this morning because the lines in the Sunshine State were so long. Optical scanners jammed. Provisional ballots were waiting to be counted.

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Rachel Maddow joked last

Rachel Maddow joked last night about finally, finally getting a bathroom break and, while she was there, Colorado was called for Obama. When she came back she mentioned that Colorado was too close to call and no one corrected her. She asked later how long her co hosts would have let her embarrass herself by repeating that claim before she checked the board.

Shortly after that her ridicule of Fox and Karl Rove was priceless.

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Just watching Karl Rove,

Just watching Karl Rove, Michael Barone, and Mygyn Kyllyey was priceless enough.

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