May 22 2018
02:58 pm

Diane Black is making immigration her top issue in the Governor's race. I didn't realize there was a huge problem in Tennessee, or anywhere else for that matter, but maybe I haven't been paying attention.

Anyway, Black has an ad referring to our "catch and release" immigration policy. Catch and release is what you do to bears and rainbow trout. Not people. But, just like her hero Trump, she apparently doesn't view immigrant families and children as people.

This is racist and dehumanizing. Is that what she thinks Tennessee voters will respond to? Maybe she needs to get out more.

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It's polling well, per her

It's polling well, per her internal polling.


Story unpaywalled tomorrow am, but here's the memo:


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"Both candidates have

"Both candidates have recently run television ads on the issue of illegal immigration and Black appears to have gotten the better end of the exchange, leading by a margin of 45% to 26% among voters who rate that as the most important issue."

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apparently both her and Boyd think it's the most important issue - or the one that will push them over top - bc new attack ad from pro-Boyd PAC attacks Diane for her 2001 vote to issue driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants

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Guess they need something to

Guess they need something to divert attention from the TNGOP failure to expand Medicaid.

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... and every other failure.

... and every other failure.

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Not to be outdone, Boyd has

Not to be outdone, Boyd has released an ad claiming to be just like Trump, but with less Twitter. That’s either a horrifying revelation or some class-A spineless pandering.

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I thought Boyd would be the

I thought Boyd would be the one to beat but after seeing some of his commercials and statements it sounds like he's not as smart as I thought he was.

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Boyd ad

I hope voters are paying attention to his advertisement and remember that he told them in the ad that he is just like Trump. I do not think that is a good thing. It is a very sad, very bad thing.

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Tennessee unrecognizable in Boyd, Black TV ads

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Randy Boyd: Different From

Randy Boyd: Different From His TV Ads?

If all you saw of Boyd were his TV ads, which are loaded with hard-edged innuendo about the Second Amendment, potential welfare cheats, illegal immigrants, and Democrats' alleged indifference to the porousness of our southern border, you would think: This guy is the right-winger of the race, more Trumpian than arch-conservative gubernatorial rival Diane Black (Boyd's TV spots even imply an affinity for the president) and a leftover from the heyday of the Tennessee Tea Party.

But listen to Boyd au naturel, as when this veteran of the Haslam administration and architect of such programs as Tennessee Promise and Drive to 55 discusses his ideas in forums and at stump speeches and fund-raisers, and all of that is turned on its head. What Boyd talks about instead is the kind of ameliorist, problem-solving approach you would expect to hear from a centrist Democrat or a moderate Republican.

So which is worse: Being a Trump loving TNGOP reprobate or pretending to be one to get elected?

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It is debasing yourself. It is what is wrong with politics. It is why voters need to be informed about candidates so they know the truth about them. And the media can't be trusted to give you the truth. However, "if they tell you who they are, believe them."

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I will have to go with being

I will have to go with being one in this case.

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Candidate Black

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Charlie Daniels Randy Boyd cartoon

In May 31 issue ...

Charlie Daniels cartoon

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Boyd and Black...who want to be Trump

first, NOT a word from either one about WHAT they would do FOR our STATE. Their support of Trump is disgusting since it includes them both in the RACIST, FASCIST, UNSTABLE, MISOGYNIST, INHUMANE, SELF-CEnTERED, CREEP's DICTATOR rule. HE has done so much damage to our Democracy that our National integrity throughout the world has almost totally disappeared. HE NEVER READS ANYTHING and is being influenced by anti-Americans...ALEX JONES, STEVE BANNON, STEVE MILLER, and JOHN KELLY, a U.S. ARMY GENERAL who betrays our country every time he opens his mouth. I DO NOT BELIEVE the voters in our State, brainwashed as they are, will want either one to 'RUN' our State Government for a minute. And since THESE TWO support every immoral, illegal, inhumane sentence ole tRUMP utters, they DO AGREE WITH the HORRIBLE and INHUMANE treatment of refugees coming to our borders and ASKING FOR ASYLUM for themselves AND Their children...and they also agree with the heinous practice, ordered by RACIST AG SESSIONS of taking CHILDREN, over 6oo in number, from toddlers, babies, and as old as 17 AWAY from these parents, and HIDING THEM..."TO TEACH OTHERS A LESSON". THIS IMMORAL ACT WAS HAPPENING WHILE tRUMP was in NASHVILLE insisting Mexico would pay for his BILLION dollar WALL. I want to let voters know that WE have great, intelligent, compassionate, real Patriotic Democrats RUNNING ACROSS TENNESSEE that can TAKE back our STATE from the GOPs. Our candidates CARE about our people, about good jobs, expansion of MEDICAID (that is basically just a 'Call Center" in Nashville now thanks to Haslam, AND work to fully fund our PUBLIC EDUCATION system.

There have been VERY FEW ARTICLES, OPEN FORUMS featuring the OTHER SIDE, across Tennessee about this year's Election. WHY ? ? ? ?

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