Jan 10 2008
12:35 pm
By: bill young

The DNC has stripped Michigan of it's 156 delegates because it broke party rules by holding it's primary before feb 5th.The primary is being held Tuesday.

All of the candidates have pledged not to campaign there.However,of the frontrunners,only Clinton allowed her name to be placed on the ballot.

Uncommitted is also on the ballot.

There is a movement to turn-out Democrats to vote uncommitted.

Clinton's in a tight spot because she cant campaign & cant lose the expectations game to uncommitted.

Futhermore,Senator Levin is four square behind voting uncommitted because he thinks Michigan should not take a backseat to Ia & NH & a floor fight on seating Michigan is the first step in that process.

Levin believes a big turn-out will help his cause.Congressman Conyers & the State Party Chair also support voting uncommitted.

Obama & Edwards supports unite behind uncommitted.
Democrats vote uncommitted to get Mich in play for the nomination.

We got a battle in Michigan
Uncommitted vs Clinton

Bbeanster's picture

What an idiotic way to choose a president.

God, that's just stupid.

This is why I hate both parties.

Eleanor A's picture

(1. Kuchinich is also on the

(1. Kuchinich is also on the ballot 2.) "Undecided" voters can pick whomever they want at the Democratic Convention, so nobody on the Dem side will "win" this one. In fact, I would look for MI and FL to have a clear shot at deciding the whole shooting match come August.)

bill young's picture

choosing a president

Kucinich is on the ballot but this time unlike last time he doesnt seam to running that hard.Gravel is also on the the ballot..matter of fact I called the Gravel campaign last summer & told them they ought to just campaign in Mich.

I thought they should steal a line from Rocky's '64 Oregon primary victory over Goldwater "He cared enough to come."

Yes it is crazy how we nominate candidates & thats what Sen Levin is trying to change.

The Senator is trying to turn out votes,in the primary,AGAINST the DNC rules & have a floor fight on changing the way its done.

The Senator wants the Fla(who have also been stripped)& Mich delegation to unite in the first step floor fight to be seated & then the broader rules on the nominating process

KC's picture

Maybe we should just have 10

Maybe we should just have 10 weeks of primaries, five states a week, each state's primary week picked by lottery.

Super Tuesday now is basically going to be a national election day, for all practical purposes.

Something besides what we have now.

bill young's picture


If this thing goes to covention..the floor fights on seating Mich & Fla will be fierce.

Clinton will have a chunk of the unseated delegates in Mich(no clue on Fla)

If those Mich delegates would put Clinton over the top

Obama's campaign of change will shift to a chicago shut Mich down floor fight.

StaceyDiamond's picture


I agree its stupid, the candidate will be chosen by the convention anyway.

Average Guy's picture

Conventional sense

Conventions are no longer conventions in the traditional sense. They are now glossy predetermined productions meant for viewers - not the process.

KC's picture

I'm curious. Do you think

I'm curious. Do you think both candidates, Republican and Democrat, will be chosen at the conventions?

The GOP seems less settled than the Democrats at this point.

Average Guy's picture

If they can't decide...

Al Gore's vice presidential candidate Liberman is now for King George. John Kerry's vice president pick was John Edwards. Kerry now supports Obama.

If they can't decide on each other, how is an informed electorate supposed decide on them - much less an uniformed electorate.

Eleanor A's picture

Unless she beats Mr.

Unless she beats Mr. Uncommitted, in your video there.

Rachel's picture

Kos is encouraging Democrats

Kos is encouraging Democrats to cross over and vote for Romney in order to screw with already confused Republican heads.

I'm not exactly condoning this, but it's the kind of thing that an open primary can bring you......

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Uncommitted for President!


"The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it's open."

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dont agree with kos

Somebody was saying today...Mich was rocked by Wallace's win in '72.

Like Knox County..'72 remains the highest turn-out in Mich Democratic primary history.

For decades Mich democrats restricted that wouldn't happen again.But the rules have loosened up.Open Primary tues.

I dont agree with Kos..start messing in Republican primaries & you may get screwed.I mean would Kos take the blame if indeed his ploy worked & Romney wins Mich & then beat us in the fall?

If you dont like the way this primary/nominating system works vote uncommitted & let Sen Levin take to the floor.

Plus I'm for Obama.So I want uncommitted to take unseated Mich delegates..not Clinton.

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New Jersey '76 primary

The ABC primary..anybody but carter
NJ '76

Jerry Brown got in to late to put up a delegate slate.
So he put up an uncommitted slate.
A vote for uncommitted was a vote for Brown.

Labor folks were holding out hope for HHH.
So they got behind Brown's uncommitted slate.

So a vote for uncommited was a vote for Brown
But really a vote for HHH.

Uncommitted won the '76 NJ primary

It didn't matter
Daley said Ohio was the ballgame
Both NJ & Ohio were the same day

Jima won Ohio & the nomination

As you can see Ive enjoyed this thread

oh yea the '72 Mich primary was the day after Wallace was shot

oh yea '66 Georgia Republicans flocked to the Democratic nomination runoff for Governor.They voted for Lester Maddox.No way GOP nominee,Bo Calloway,could lose to Lester.Shit happens KOS.

Up Goose Creek's picture


Didn't bother with the 76 primary, the outcome was predetermined.

I lived in Georgia.

Voted in the general
For the novelty and all.

I waited in line an hour
in the middle of the afternoon.

Canival atmosphere - children leaving on busses were shouting out the window -

"vote for the Peanut Man!".

Election officials were grimacing
but what could they do?

You don't arrest a busload of tots.

Less is the new More - Karrie Jacobs

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