Feb 26 2010
03:51 pm
By: R. Neal

Now that Jim Kyle has dropped out, if the Tennessee Democratic Primary for Governor were held today who would you vote for?

Kim McMillan
64% (214 votes)
Mike McWherter
36% (123 votes)

This decision is currently closed.
JaHu's picture

If McMillan won the primary I

If McMillan won the primary I would vote for her.
But I picked McWherter in the poll. I just feel that name recognition would give him a better shot at defeating the republicans. Terrible reasoning isn't it?

(Anonymous)'s picture

Kim is so far ahead of

Kim is so far ahead of everybody in terms of qualifications, it's hard to believe there's even a contest

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Democratic primary poll

All Mike McWherter has going for him is name recognition. One would not recognize him at all otherwise. He has access to money, but Kim McMillan has what it really takes to be governor.

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Would you send either of them

StaceyDiamond's picture


would not send either money right now.

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Mike McWherter

I have known Mike for 30 years. I think he is very qualified to be the governor of this State. He is smart (a law degree from Vanderbilt is not based on last name), he has very successfully run a busines, he has served on boards, he is a great father, a great husband for 20 years and has been one of my closest friends for years. I have given him the maximum amount of money and will support him in any other way possible. He would be a great governor and he would be if his name were Mike Smith.

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He would be a great governor and he would be if his name were Mike Smith.

More to the point: Unless Mike Smith's uncle was Frank Clement, he wouldn't stand a chance.

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Kim McMillan for Governor!

McWherter has name recognition - big deal. His daddy gave him that. Someone pointed out that he also has a law degree that his daddy didn't give him. Okay - one for McWherter - but Kim McMillan also has a law degree. She and her husband ran a successful law firm, so she's experienced in business. She has years of experience as a State Representative, so she knows the in's and out's of the legislative process. She has experience working in the Executive Branch as a Senior Advisor to Governor Bredesen. She's been a professor at Austin Peay State University - and she's done all of this while being a terrific wife and mother.

I don't want a Governor who's part of the "good 'ole boy" network, and I don't want one who looks just like his opponents. It's time for change and time the Democratic Party began supporting the right PERSON for the job - the one with the experience to lead the state - and that person is Kim McMillan.

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A little homework...

Does anyone not realize Kim voted for the state income tax?

WhitesCreek's picture


There aren't any polls that show this as a so called third rail in TN politics regardless of what you've been told. Besides, Tennessee actually already has an income tax. It just only applies to interest and dividend income.

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+1 in my book as well


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