Dec 15 2009
04:48 pm
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I've alerted my readers

and hopefully will send a bunch over here to vote!

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Thoughts on impending state budget crisis?

Since stimulus dollars will disappear soon enough, I'm curious to know what, if anything, Kyle and McMillan have had to say about our impending budget crisis in Tennessee?  In particular, has either taken a position against a state income tax?

I've received literature from the McWherter campaign that indicates he opposes a state income tax.  However, it doesn't indicate how he plans to fund the state's budget after the next year or two.

Sure seems to me that funding will be the single biggest issue for whichever of these three is to emerge as governor...

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No John Jay Hooker?

Right now if Hooker was a choice I'd choose Hooker.

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Why's that, Bill?

...I'd choose Hooker.

That sounded kinda terse, Bill.  What's your thinking? On Kyle, McMillan, and McWherter, I mean?

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I've spent time  with Kyle

I've spent time  with Kyle and McMillan but I wouldn't know McWherter if I ran over him with the lawn mower, (Wait...I don't have a lawn mower) and frankly I don't think anybody else in TN would either even though he's Ned Ray's kid.

Kyle is totally solid, personable, gives a great speech, and is a decent retail politician.

McMillan is freakin' awesome. She's got a resume to die for and is the best speaker of the bunch. At this point I see her as the best shot Dems have if she can raise the money. Has anybody noticed that she's a girl and might get the girl vote? I'm guessing maybe half the voters in this state are also girls, but I could be wrong.

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I received and accepted a

I received and accepted a facebook friend request from Kim McMillan a few days ago. I hope she's not a stalker.

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10 Reasons to Vote for Kim

1. Kim is qualified.  She has been a leader in the House and was an appointed senior advisor for one of TN's best Governors -- being Bredesen.

2.  Kim has lived the American dream - adopted by two school teachers she has beat the odds to become everything she wanted to be.

3.  Kim has strong Knoxville ties.  She went to school here; she got her undergrad and law degrees from UT. Living side by side with us has given her a clear understanding of who we are.  Kim is rare in the fact that she will have this direct experience in ET, which is a real powerhouse in statewide elections.

4. Kim is good for business.  In her role as the Executive Director of Community and Business Relations at Austin Peay, she has direct experience working and growing businesses and industries. She was also the recipient of the Athena Award, the highest honor for women in business.  She is the chairman of Cumberland Bank & Trust, a community bank. In a poll released on October 9th, 2009 by the Nashville Business Journal, Democratic candidate for Governor Kim McMillan was the only Democrat to win support among the publication’s readers. Let's not forget that Kim worked to form a partnership between the state of Tennessee, Austin Peay State University, and Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation to attract their $1.2 billion polysilicon manufacturing center with 500-800 high-paying, sustainable jobs for Tennessee. This win is starting to pay dividends for TN as other companies are now interested in us.

5. Kim is a leader. She is the former House Majority Leader - the first women to hold this title in TN. Elect Women Magazine has said that she is a top national viable female candidate for governor. She has received numerous awards for excellence for various local and statewide organizations. Those don't come without hard work and leadership. Kim is a founding board member of Leadership Middle Tennessee.

6. Kim is smart. She graduated with honors from UT! I thought Bredesen was smart, but if he asked her to advise him there has got to get something special there. Think about that.

7. Kim understands health care. Kim serves on the board of the Monroe Carell, Jr. Children's Hospital. She has been recognized by the TN Hospital Association for her excellent work and leadership.

8. Kim has a family.  Kim has been married for 20 years and has two kids. She understands family life, the demands, the needs, the dreams.

9.  Kim is a woman.  This demographic will turn out to vote for the strong woman that Kim is. As for the men votes, she is a "10" as she really has it all - she's pretty, smart, a great mother, and would make a great spokeswoman for Tennessee as we tackle the hard problems facing the state and the country.

10.  Kim can (and will) win! The GOP will be hard on each other during their primary. Who ever comes out of it, will need to do some healing.  Kim has the broad support across the State, no she is not from Memphis which is another world away from ET like Kyle and she is not the son of a former Governor like McWherter, and she is not Kim "McMillions" like her GOP opponents, therefore she has the fight to take it to the GOP candidates face-to-face to win.


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Why Hooker?

Because,right now,I have no idea who I'd vote for.Therefore,I can't vote for any candidate in the Knoxviews poll.

I have no plans to vote for Hooker,in the primary,but if given the option in the Knoxviews poll,right now,I'd chose Hooker.

I've never met either Kim or Jim..though I have met Sarah Kyle.

In '86,during Ned's first campaign for governor,I was somewhere stumping for Dick Fulton,in the Democratic primary,& met Mike.

Over the years I've met John Jay Hooker a few times & I've always loved his stirring style of speaking & always agreed with his crusade to throw the money changers out of the temples of government.

I just don't know where I'm headed on this one...so,if given the option,I'd throw my lot with John Jay Hooker in this Knoxviews poll.

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Kim in Knoxville

Kim is expected to be in Knoxville at tomorrow evening's Christmas party at the Unite Building.  You are welcome to come, Bill, and partake of the food and meet Kim.  I look forward to seeing you and her there.

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Can't make it

Can't make it to the Christmas party tonight but thank you for asking.

Right now,in the 2010 elections,my sole objective is to work for Sam McKenzie's re-election in the 1st county commission district.

More specifically,I'm 100% focused on the 10-N ward & working my ward list for Sam McKenzie in the 1st district county commission Democratic primary.

With respect to the governor's race.

I will listen to all the Democratic candidates & make my decision on which candidate to vote for by the first day to early vote in the gubenatorial Democratic primary.

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