Jul 20 2018
08:55 am

Indivisible East Tennessee, a grassroots progressive advocacy group, surveyed Democratic candidates for Governor and U.S.Congress.

As an editorial aside, the survey is long, covers a lot of topics I had no opinion on or didn't even know about, and has some loaded questions. It also asks a lot of questions about campaign strategy that no candidate in their right mind would answer. Is Coach Jeremy Pruitt going to hand over his playbook to Kirby Smart? I don't think so.

Anyway, Craig Fitzhugh, Karl Dean, and Renee Hoyos responded to the questionnaire. Fitzhugh and Hoyos gave straightforward answers. Dean talked around a few of the questions without actually answering, and maybe that's understandable for an experienced politician trying to thread the red state needle.

Josh Williams declined to respond, "citing concerns of releasing policy stances and strategy to a third-party organization," and withdrew his name from consideration for endorsement according to Indivisible East TN.

Here are the the completed surveys:

Renee Hoyos (U.S. Congress, TN2)
Craig Fitzhugh (Governor)
Karl Dean (Governor)

P.S. I'd like to see the Republican candidates' answers to some of these questions, but it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to guess what they'd be.

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Interesting how for the two

Interesting how for the two endorsed candidates, Fitzhugh and Hoyos, they left out the Background information and Campaign Viability section responses. For Dean's questionnaire, they included his responses except for some where it says redacted. Wonder why. How did they determine what to redact?

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Here is a link to the League

Here is a link to the League of Women Voters Knoxville/ Knox County site with a link to their Voter Guide questions for the candidates.

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IMO, weird question on the

IMO, weird questions on the governor candidate's questionnaire,

Do you support campaign finance disclosure laws for state elections that require ballots to display the top donors for each candidate?

Do you oppose a U.S. constitutional convention?

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I didn't grasp the Constitutional Convention issue, either, and went a-Goggling.

See Common Cause (March 2018) "U.S. Constitution Threatened as Constitutional Convention Movement Nears Success." There's ALEC and the Heritage Foundation again...

(Sorry, trouble linking that...)

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I don't know much about

I don't know much about either candidate, and you really can't tell a whole lot about either judging them by one debate, but so far, I think I would be happy with either candidate. I tend to lean a little more towards Dean for the fact he was elected mayor of a major city of one of the populated areas in Tennessee.

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Clarification: While Article V of the U.S. Constitution *does* allow for amendment of he Constitution by constitutional convention, that provision has never in over 200 years been invoked. The above article explains the concern for a "runaway convention" conducted by convention delegates rather than by elected officeholders.

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(Double-post deleted.)

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