Jan 17 2019
07:40 am
By: bizgrrl

US states are starting to regulate the term "meat".

On Aug. 28, a law went into effect in Missouri that makes it a crime to use the term “meat” to describe any product that does not come from a “livestock or poultry carcass or part thereof.”

Nebraska lawmakers will consider a bill this year defining meat as “any edible portion of any livestock or poultry, carcass, or part thereof” and excluding “lab-grown or insect or plant-based food products.” It would make it a crime to advertise or sell something “as meat that is not derived from poultry or livestock.”

Similar measures aimed at meat alternatives are pending in Tennessee, Virginia and Wyoming. They come amid a debate over what to call products that are being developed using the emerging science of meat grown by culturing cells in a lab. Supporters of the science are embracing the term “clean meat” — language the conventional meat industry strongly opposes.

In response to a request by FDA and USDA for public input on the oversight of cell-cultured meat, GFI and seven cell-cultured meat companies jointly submitted comments.

"Of course, consumers want to know what they are buying, and if cell-cultured meat products were labeled as something other than meat, this would cause confusion and make it harder for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions."

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved one company’s product additive that mimics heme (an iron-containing compound of the porphyrin class which forms the nonprotein part of hemoglobin and some other biological molecule), which gives meat its unique metallic tinge.

The animal products industry has petitioned the FDA to enforce its definitions of mayo.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) has introduced a bill that would make it illegal for nondairy products to be called milk.

Meat substitute/alternative, mayonnaise substitute/alternative, milk substitute/alternative.

IMHO, people should know from where their food comes from, easily. If it's meat, it's meat. If it's a meat alternative, then say it is so. If it is so great, own up to it's origin.

Soylent green! It's people!

Alex_Falk's picture

a little surprised

a little surprised to see support for the meat-dairy industry line on a progressive forum -- then again, dems are also in the pocket of these industries as noted in the original post

fischbobber's picture

"dems are also in the pocket of these industries"

Is that republicanspeak for "Damn! Those leftist bastards eat meat and other good shit too! They put sour cream and butter on their baked potatoes! What won't they eat to defeat us?!"

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