Mar 26 2013
06:38 am

Seen on twitter: "I just checked into the @McDonald's #HotNSpicy McChicken commercial and earned points via #ViggleTV!"

Seriously, people. Pause. Take a deep breath. Not only did I not need to know that, it is not the way of the future. Why can't we focus our entrepreneurial "genius" on medical breakthroughs, fixing bridges, building rail, building schools, affordable housing, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, competent government, and stuff like that?

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I think I commented here before that Twitter is the CB radio of the internet. Lots of garbage but occasionally you can get some useful info about where Smokey is. I guess it depends on who you follow? The political pundits use it mainly for career promos, links to their articles and TV appearances. As a neo-Luddite who makes a good living in tech, weren't we all better off before this cable TV/internet thing came along? I seem to recall hundreds of thousands marching in DC to protest the Vietnam war, before email, websites, cell phones, and cable TV.

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Good observations. And yes,

Good observations. And yes, who you follow makes a difference in the signal to noise ratio. I find Twitter most useful for breaking news or live event summary coverage, although breaking news updates are frequently full of bogus info.

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Sort of like breaking news

Sort of like breaking news updates on cable TV news. (Ah, the heady days of NFIB vs. Sebelius, when Fox trumpeted "SUPREME COURT STRIKES DOWN OBAMACARE... UM... WAIT WE DIDN'T READ PAGE 2.")

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Heh. Great moments in

Heh. Great moments in "journalism."

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