Oct 25 2013
09:23 am

She (US State Department spokesman Jen Psaki) also said the United States deplores "the reprehensible attacks against over 40 Coptic Christian churches and other Christian institutions, including schools, social service societies and businesses, by extremists bent on sowing interreligious strife when the vast majority of Egyptians reject such behavior." (Africa News, Aug. 19, 2013).

I mention this only because Greg Johnson in today's News Sentinel seems not to have fact checked his claims the Obama Administration does not condemn global attacks when the victims are Christians. The State Department website contains many such statements lambasting violent acts.

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Johnson wants Obama to personally denounce these acts against Christians. Preferrably while posing with a gun.

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Haven't read the paper yet,

Haven't read the paper yet, but Johnson must have been short on ideas this week if that was the best he's got.

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He could always throw

He could always throw something like this to his rednecks.

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And BTW, isn't Johnson

And BTW, isn't Johnson supposed to focus on local issues? Or at least talk about how national issues affect us locally?

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I didn't know anyone actually read his drivel.


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Yeah. I can't read him

Yeah. I can't read him either, but sometimes skim through to see how much this flag-waving, self-proclaimed "Christian" relies on prejudice and lies to scare people.

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The sad thing is many elderly

The sad thing is many elderly folks and others rely totally on the News Sentinel and Fox News to get information. They do not read or listen to real journalism. They take in the lies and racist views Johnson and Rush and Hannity put out and become brainwashed with that mean spirited bullshit.There is no excuse for being taken in by that kind of mindless nonsense. Anybody, whether they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or any other religion that embraces kindness and compassion for other humans cannot honestly go along with that kind of garbage. Johnson and the other nut cases like him contradict any real religion with their immoral sub-human rhetoric.


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You're right.

I know many of them and they include much of my family.

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Many of my extended family

Many of my extended family members have been taken in by the twisted Republican view of things. The misguided religious angle is very effective. The anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, and anti-foreign propaganda works well for Republicans. They are against a lot & for very little. They do not seem to care much about the health and well being of babies. They holler and scream about our constitution, but when it comes to giving folks their constitutional rights to live as they choose, they say it is destroying our society. When it comes to religion they contradict the very meaning by mean & hateful actions. They don't seem to understand that the world has millions of bad people from all religious backgrounds. All we can hope is one day they will see the light.

michael d

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I had three very interesting

I had three very interesting conversations about Johnson over the last three days. One with a reader who is a personal friend of mine and who, to say the very least, does not agree with his politics. It shocked her that I do not read his columns. Mostly because just reading the headlines makes me want to throw things.

The next was with one of the editors at the newspaper, and I'll just say that for all involved, that conversation will remain private.

The third was with a popular yet sometimes controversial local official who is frequently targeted by Johnson. The bottom line of that conversation was that the official assumed that readers had to believe Johnson was over the top because no one could write that drivel and be serious. The official actually brought up Johnson, although not by name, to some other individuals who weren't familiar with him, making a joke to them in front of me about a recent description he had made of that person. It made me laugh out loud.

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