Aug 12 2013
12:08 pm

The "Out Of Area" (read: telemarketer) call count is steadily rising at my house. I have started picking up the phone rather than letting them go, because ignoring them does not make them go away; only talking to the people on the phone and requiring an opt-out ever does any good.

(And even then, it doesn't always work. Worst offender: Emily's List.)

Today's call was from the DSCC, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. And as a follow-up to that call, here's why I demanded to be opted out:

DSCC has no commitment to the state of Tennessee. Any money I spend with them is going to go to back the likes of the horrible Cory Booker and that ilk. No thanks.

I will give money as I see fit to candidate campaigns. So I guess that means that The Powers That Should Know Better around these parts are openly contemplating keeping their powder dry until seats are vacated, I'll be redirecting my money into causes that actually make a difference locally.

Until y'all are ready to take on Corker or Alexander head-on, go pick someone else's pocket.

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The Mr. is willing to speak

The Mr. is willing to speak with these people on occasion just to give them the same hard time.

O/T. One other thing to note in these changing times, it would appear that "social media" will be relatively useless soon. There are so many ways to direct so many messages that I would guess most everyone is getting really good at ignoring any message. I get political emails all the time, usually asking for money while touting a cause. They generally go the way of retailer ads, trash can, without being read. Too much and too little time.

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I finally went through the multitude of emails from the Dem causes and unsubscribed from all of them. Every day there was a deluge, each week the subjects sounding more desperate, and each time there was some really scary tactic by the GOP that we needed to thwart so our money, even "$3.00" would help.

Fund raising gone wild.

We too just give to candidates of our choice.

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I too took my name off of DCCC, DCSC, & DNC sites

I sent each & every one of these groups a notice that no longer wanted their snail mail. is run by the same group so I unsubscribed from them online. I wrote that I will not support a party that endorses policies of little difference from the R's re: austerity, privatization of the post office & public schools, Chained CPI for Social Security, public pension theft, & ignoring TN.

I send donations to Progressive Democrats of America, (link...), Bold Progressives, (link...), The Real News Network & Democracy Now.

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