Jan 12 2013
10:06 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Today's KNS has a disturbing report about DCS placing an infant in the custody of a couple under indictment for child abuse and neglect.

In related news, two top DCS executives were fired this week, and House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner has called for an investigation of the agency.

If state commissioners were held to the same standard as football coaches, wouldn't Kate O'Day have been replaced by now?

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DCS fiefdoms rule

These unaccountable entities use secrecy--which DCS calls confidentiality--as their primary weapon. Juvenile court officials are often complicit with corrupt DCS caseworkers and attorneys, or, at the very least, rubber stamp DCS decisions. Decisions, by the way, which too often send children to back into the custody of their abusers.

Abused children often have no voice, and they certainly have no constituency or lobby working on their behalf. Tennessee House representative, Sherry Jones, is one notable exception.

Please keep shining a light on this shameful state agency, which instead of protecting abused children from predators, knowingly manipulate courts to award custody of the abused to the child abuser(s).

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"Juvenile court officials are

"Juvenile court officials are often complicit with corrupt DCS caseworkers and attorneys"

They may be complicit with DCS attorneys and DCS OFFICIALS, but caseworkers do what they're told by higher ups.

That's why the turn over rate is so high in the profession.

Judges, lawyers, and officials TELL the DCS caseworkers what to do.

Not vice versa.

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