Jan 6 2013
10:13 am

A new Frontline documentary set to air "raises questions about test-score tampering" in D.C. on "edu-celebrity" Michelle Rhee's watch. From the Washington Post:"Cothorne told the Frontline filmmakers that when she arrived at Noyes in 2010, she noticed that students’ academic abilities didn't match their test scores."

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This is old news. However,

This is old news. However, seeing how Rhee has become a national celebrity, I am glad that this is gaining national attention. Next up: Joel Klein.

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Yes, according to the WP

Yes, according to the WP writeup of the documentary, the "persistent suspicions" were thoroughly investigated and dismissed, but the Frontline report says the investigation fell short and that they have new information. We'll see.

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Some more background here.

Some more background here.

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Being ALEC's water carrier is

Being ALEC's water carrier is evidence enough for me to be satisfied the early charges were true.

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Yet her organization to dismantle public education's "grades" on how well states conform to their demands and expectations ends up near the top of the NYTimes website this morning.

You'd think she'd give the state that hired her ex-husband as Commissioner of Education a higher grade. Can we give him back to her?

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Kevin and Michelle don't want one another (and we don't want either of them).

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From the sidebar, Tom Humphrey reports on Rhee's StudentsFirst first ever State Policy Report Card.

The organization awards TN a C-, which results in the state ranking 11th behind Big Winners Louisiana (where New Orleans is the nation's first all-charter school district) and Florida (where private school vouchers and private tuition tax credits thrive).

Rhee's counsel:

Moving forward, Tennessee K-12 public education would strongly benefit by taking bold steps to elevate the teaching profession through mutual consent and paying great teachers more, as well as empower parents with quality choices through vouchers and creating a statewide charter school authorizer.

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Michelle Rhee's report

Michelle Rhee's report card.

Tonight at 10 on PBS:

Watch The Education of Michelle Rhee Preview on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

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