Aug 26 2017
07:15 pm
By: michael kaplan  shortURL

Alec Karakatsanis has been working (in Tennessee, as well) on the issue of 'human caging' and the privatization of prisons and prison services..

"I think zealous is a good word to use,” says Lark Turner, who met Karakatsanis in March 2016, on an HLS-sponsored public-service spring break to help with a case he was litigating against Rutherford County, Tennessee, and the private company that ran its misdemeanor-probation system. (The company surrendered its license to do business in Tennessee a few months later.) “He realizes that his hours are finite, and he wants to use them for this cause.”

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No, way. Yes, way/... 67

No, way. Yes, way.

... 67 people were set to be called in front of the judge. As he would later tell it, “All of them were African American; not a single one of them [was] accused of a crime. They were all in jail because they owed money to the city of Montgomery for unpaid traffic tickets.”

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